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Happy Draft Day, Broncos fans! So, the NFL Draft begins tonight but it may not even be the most important football doings of the day - as Judge Nelson denied the NFL's request for a stay of her injunction last night, we're at something of a showdown. The league is still trying to put off starting the new league year at the risk of putting itself in contempt of court and losing even more than what they've already have - and we could be talking about financial penalties in this case. So, the owners have requested a stay of the injunction from the Eighth Circuit, and there's always the possibility that court will indeed issue a stay sometime today (or soon).

But if not, then the NFL will only be wading into deeper and deeper doo-doo with Judge Nelson, and things will only get uglier for those billionaires everyone was feeling bad for six weeks ago. So, while it's unlikely the clock on the new league year will start in the next day or two (because at this point the owners may be desperate to hold onto something) and therefore not permit trades of vets or free-agent signings, it's possible that it does...

Of course, we will have an open thread and live analysis tonight and all throughout the draft. BTW, TJ and Doc are jumping on the Twitter wagon, so be sure to follow them: @T_J_Johnson and @alloverfatman - you know, if laughter and intelligent analysis appeal to you at all...


Klis writes that Denver's first preference is to trade down from #2, and if they cannot then they'll draft either Von Miller, Marcell Dareus or Nick Fairley.

Woody thinks the Broncos should go with Patrick Peterson, who he claims is the only can't-miss player in this draft.

No new details yet on the Jason Hunter stabbing. SOB reacts.

Legwold thinks Carolina could go with Georgia wideout A.J. Green at #1 if not Cam Newton, and that Cincy at #4 may be the most likely trade partner for Denver and trading with Houston may require two downward moves.

Andrew Mason only puts the Broncos' chances of moving down at 20% in his mock draft (he has them taking Dareus).

Klis says Denver isn't so sure the Panthers will take Newton and he says the Broncos' goal is to add two more picks within the first four rounds via trades. Plus, Baylor's Danny Watkins was the best man and J.D. Walton's wedding.

In his latest mailbag, Woody writes that Brandon Marshall's slipped-on-a-Mickey-D's-bag wound was actually suspected to have been a knife wound as well. News to me - had you heard that? He also thinks that if Carolina takes Dareus at #1 that Denver will be able to collect a haul in return for #2, and says Josh McDaniels' staff didn't like Knowshon Moreno's effort on the field or attitude off it. Woody has a somewhat ridiculous list of free-agent wishes (unrealistic in terms of cost) and also apparenlty just came to his Peterson decision last night.

Legwold on the cases for/against Miller, Peterson, Dareus and Fairley. Plus, he says the two QBs Denver paid the most attention to pre-draft were Mizzou's Blaine Gabbert and Washington's Jake Locker.

Legwold does some rambling about the AFC West.

Brain Xanders was on with Vic & Gary yesterday. Here's the podcast.


Teicher looks back at some cautionary draft tales from Gil Brandt, Dick Vermeil and Scott Pioli.

Tafur says the Raiders are trying to move back into the first round.

Chris Chase on the hilarious new name of the Oaktown Coliseum.

Acee on the always bold draft day moves of A.J. Smith.

The latest on the city of San Diego's push to build a new stadium.


Massey & Thaler's latest paper says teams should draft for need rather than BPA, since who ever really knows who the BPA is? (Thanks, Ryan!)

Chris Brown got his hands on proof positive that yes, indeed Cam Newton was exposed to NFL-level passing plays while at Auburn.

MJD came up with 32 reasons to watch the NFL draft.

Here is Rob Rang's final 100-player board.

Some of Pompei's favorite prospects in this year's draft.

Mike Tanier on the ridiculousness of all the pre-draft chatter.

Two more podcasts from Farrar: Tony Pauline and FSU QB Christian Ponder.


Albert Breer's story on Judge Nelson's denial of the NFL's request for a stay.

In reacting to Judge Nelson's decision, Andrew Brandt writes that we shouldn't expect to see players as part of draft trades tonight.

Mike Silver says the NFL owners are asking for big trouble in disobeying Judge Nelson's order to start the new league year.

Old friend Nate Jackson responds with doses of reality to Roger Goodell's fiction-laden op-ed from the other day.


Seattle's Chester Pitts called Roger Goodell a "fraud" and Jeff Pash a "consistent turd."

For those of you who love yourselves some counting stats, know this: no QB has ever won the SB in the same year he led the league in passing yardage. (We prefer rate stats here at IAOFM)

CHFF checks up on the quality stats of the 2010 Eagles and Seahawks.

KSK reacts to Peyton Hillis gracing the cover of Madden 12.

Via SOB, some of the worst outfifts in draft night history.


Whitlock thinks Jim Tressel should quit his gig and help lead the fight against the NCAA's silly rules.

"I" and "me" are not just overused on blogs and Twitter; they're taking over music, too.

In honor of Burger Week, Epic Meal Time has created a fast-food version of lasagna.

Do we have any Broncos fans as intense as this guy is about the Heat? If so, perhaps we could get that home-field advantage back.

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