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UPDATED 9:36AM ET - Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are interested in moving up to draft Von Miller or Patrick Peterson, although they likely do not have enough ammo to move all the way up to #2 in a deal with Denver. Meanwhile, NFLN's Jason La Canfora writes that Shanny and the Skins are desperate to move up for a QB and are considering a jump as high as #2 in a trade with Denver to draft Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. La Canfora writes that the Broncos may indeed be willing to drop as low as Washington's slot at #10 and covet Auburn DT Nick Fairley. However, the Redskins have only two picks in the first four rounds and would need to send future picks to Denver in such a deal. How great would a John Elway-directed bidding war for the #2 pick between Shanny and Kubes be?

No direct mention of Denver here, but PK tweeted last night that Atlanta is looking to make a move into the top 10 to nab one of two WRs - A.J. Green or Julio Jones. You know, it's funny - while the local yokels are still busy stressing the notion that nobody had called the Broncos about the #2 pick as of a week ago, the national guys are talking of plenty of trade interest. How does this happen?


Kara Henderson spoke yesterday with John Elway about Marcell Dareus, the QB prospects, Denver's QB situation and draft expectations.

John Fox says he wouldn't be shocked if the Panthers took a non-QB at #1.

Legwold thinks the Broncos should stick at #2 and take the best talent available. Oh, and Perrish Cox was apparently a "reach" in the fifth round last year. The Denver Post: Rewriting Broncos History 365 Days a Year

AP stories on the Panthers' and Broncos' draft outlooks.

Legwold displays his passion for the draft in focusing on the depth in the draft along the offensive and defensive lines.

For some reason, Klis thinks the timing of Judge Nelson's ruling on the lockout injunction is related to the likelihood of a rookie salary cap. Perhaps one of you can explain that one to me...

No Broncos players showed up at Dove Valley yesterday, as they would've been allowed in the building but not permitted to work out.

Kyle Sonneman examines the Broncos' history of drafting kickers.


How long do you suppose Handshake Haley and new Chiefs QB coach Jim Zorn will stay together/get along?

No Chiefs players showed up at team HQ yesterday, while a few Chargers players did.

Nick Canepa sifted through the Chargers' draft history for their biggest hits and busts.

HA! The Oaktown Coliseum is being renamed the Coliseum. No joke.

In case you're new around here, this guy is representative of all Raiders fans. Trust me.


Georgia DE Justin Houston Iowa DE Christian Ballard reportedly failed their Combine drug tests.

TCU OT Marcus Cannon has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

La Canfora is hearing that Pittsburgh wants to trade up for Mike Pouncey to reunite him with his brother Maurkice.

Bucky Brooks sees reg flags aplenty among the top QB prospects this year.

Wes Bunting is hearing more negative buzz about these five players than others.

Matt Bowen wishes he could coach Cam Newton, Gabe Carimi and Jimmy Smith.

Mike Tanier just isn't that impressed by Cam Newton and would rather have Nevada's Colin Kaepernick; plus, he has reservations about Nick Fairley.

Greg Gabriel evaluates Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure, while Matt Waldman focuses on FSU QB Christian Ponder.

Among Bunting's ten top ten scenarios, Denver takes Dareus in two, Patrick Peterson in five, Von Miller in two and Cam Newton in another.

In NFLN's mock draft, Brian Billick selected Marcell Dareus acting as the Broncos' GM.

Passionate draftnik Legwold has Denver taking Von Miller in his mock draft.

Farrar's podcasts with draftniks Russ Lande and Greg Cosell.

Joe Fortenbaugh looks back at the recent draft trends of the NFC North teams.

Chris Chase counts Champ Bailey among the best picks historically at each spot within the top 10 of the draft.


Albert Haynesworth has been charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse.

Don Banks writes that the labor issues are likely to have a negative impact upon undrafted free agents.

Pouty Pants is getting married, and With Leather sure did write it up perfectly. Clearly, that is a couple in love...

Meanwhile, Mike Martz loves working with Pouty Pants so much that he turned down a contract extension.

MJD and KSK quite effectively lay the smack down upon Roger Goodell's drama queen op-ed.

Andrew Brandt and MJD both think yesterday's non-lockout lockout was just weird.

PK responds to emails and writes that the labor issues may not play out all that quickly.

Sexy Rexy is staying classy in his new book. He does realize the Jets haven't won in over 40 years, right?

CHFF checks up on the Steelers' 2010 Quality Stats.


I'm a couple days late to this party, but it's apparently Burger Week. (Isn't every week?)

Here's an excellent interview (with great burger-making advice) with Tom Mylan, a well-known butcher from my hood.

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