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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brandon Marshall was released from a Miami hospital last night after suffering a stab wound to the stomach, with some reports stating that Marshall also suffered defensive wounds to his hands. His wife was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, although she claimed to have acted in self defense. According to Miami Herald writer Jeff Darlington, Marshall's Dolphins teammates have already grown tired of the WR's selfishness, while fellow Herald scribe Armando Seguero writes that one of them texted, “And this is supposed to surprise me how?” when told of the incident. Just last week, SI's Peter King wrote that Miami roleplayed a scenario with TCU's Andy Dalton during his pre-draft visit to see how the QB would handle a disgruntled WR upset about a lack of catches, presumably Marshall.

Seguero says Miami is not yet considering cutting ties with Marshall, whom they acquired from the Broncos last year for second-rounders in each of the 2010 and 2011 drafts. The 2010 pick was packaged in the deal with Baltimore that allowed Denver to draft QB Tim Tebow, while this year's pick is the 46th-overall choice.Following the trade, the Dolphins gave Marshall $12.5 million in guarantees as part of a five-year deal but included the stipulation that the $6 million guaranteed portion of his 2012 salary was dependent upon him not being suspended over the first three years of the contract.


Woody Paige spoke this week with Tebow, who said he was not surprised or overwhelmed by the speed of the NFL during his three starts to end the 2010 season, while pointing to some timing issues on go routes and taking too many hits as things he needs to improve upon. The young QB also says he's working out 6-7 hours everyday and restates that he's been working exclusively from under center this offseason. Accoring to Tebow, Mike McCoy is going to leave much of Josh McDaniels' offense intact, and that he spent a good deal of time with McCoy and new QB coach Adam Gase before the lockout began.

Klis must think the Broncos should trade down from #2, because he's apparently not fond of any of the top prospects. Or, he's covering his ass for when whoever they do select flops.

LJ recaps the Broncos' latest draft issues, and hears from scouting director Matt Russell that more voices will be heard from in the Denver war room this year. Anyone else see a problem with that concept? If there are four or five (or more) voices arguing over who the Broncos will select at each spot, how will they ever come up with a consensus?

Legwold shows his passion for the draft by considering that very question. Well, sort of.

Kyle Sonneman looks back at the Broncos' history of drafting defensive linemen.

LJ and Klis offer up a timeline of BMarsh's drama-filled career.


Ebenezer Samuel writes that Cam Newton was remarkably impressive in a January meeting with a QB trainer, writing out Auburn's entire game plan and halftime adjustments from the National Championship game on a bunch of napkins.

The AP on the magnitude of the #1 pick for Carolina.

Judy Battista goes over the team-by-team needs of the AFC and NFC squads.

Meanwhile, Mike Tanier says teams have other needs that go beyond players.

Wes Bunting considers a few teams that may be interested in moving from their current spots in the first round.

Doug Farrar evaluates Virginia CB Ras-I Dowling and Penn State C Stefen Wisniewski.

New Era is rolling out a ton of scouting reports: FSU QB Christian Ponder, Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, VA Tech RB Ryan Williams, Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter, UConn RB Jordan Todman, Cal RB Shane Vereen, Colorado OT Nate Solder, Baylor G Danny Watkins, Missouri DE Aldon Smith and Georgia DE Justin Houston.

Here's the DP's top 100 prospects list - considering how passionate he is about the draft, this must be Legwold's handiwork.


Kent Babb writes that it's put-up-or-shut-up time for Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson.

Teicher says the Chiefs under Scott Pioli are trying hard to draft good young men. Sound familiar?

Not sure what got into his water, but Acee writes that what San Diego does at #18 will depend upon who's available. Wow, that's Legwoldian...

McDonald doesn't think that Zach Miller's agent switch will affect whether the Raiders will bring the TE back or not.

Turns out Taiwan Jones didn't end up visiting Oaktown.


In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei writes that Minnesota isn't necessarily planning on pursuing Donovan McNabb, while a second run on QBs could start as soon as at #10 with Shanny & Company.

Ravens S Tom Zbikowski is now 4-0 in the ring.

Ten players have been arrested since the lockout began.

CHFF checks up on the 2010 Saints' quality stats.

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