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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tim Tebow spoke with an Atlanta radio station the other day; he said it's a bit weird that there's now a statue of him in Gainesville, that throughout his high school career he'd planned on going to Alabama, and he's been working solely from under center (rather than out of the shotgun) all offseason long. Tebow also said he believes college athletes should receive bigger stipends, has a great relationship with John Elway, and believes he is working a lot harder than other players this offseason. Here's the podcast of Tebow's interview on 790 The Zone, along with a partial transcription.


Legwold considers the risk Denver would be taking if it trades down from the #2 spot.

Legwold went to the Rolodex to find out that NFL scouts put the most evaluative weight into how prospects perform in games.

Williamson answers some of the more common AFCW-related draft questions.

Acee on San Diego's interest in Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan.

The week's developments in the Chargers' push for a new stadium.

The Chargers' old music director is suing over what he claims is his fight song.

Gary Peterson thinks the Raiders would be in better shape with a first-round pick than with Richard Seymour.


Among Rob Rang's draft predictions are that Von Miller will end up as the Defensive ROY, Jake Locker will go in the first half of the first round, and that Cam Newton will go first overall.

The ever-passionate Legwold says indications are that Carolina will go with Cam Newton at #1. More from Legwold on Newton and the Panthers here.

Here's the final Hot 100 prospects from Gil Brandt, presented in tiered rankings.

CHFF offers their take on the top OT prospects.

Matt Waldman evaluates L'ville QB Adam Froman.

Here's the AP's team-by-team preview of the draft, in which they see the Broncos going with either Marcell Dareus or Von Miller. Plus, their mock draft which has Newton going first and Dareus to Denver.

The AP also listed the best picks at each first-round slot historically, including Floyd Little.

Don Banks looks back at Tampa Bay's recent draft success.

Bunting continues his rational actor mock with picks 11-32.

In Legwold's mock draft, he has Denver taking Marcell Dareus at #2.

Here's a podcast of Farrar and Rang talking draft.


Big trouble has again found Brandon Marshall, who is in intensive care after reportedly having been stabbed by a woman. As you may have guessed, it was apparently his wife. Our thoughts go out to BMarsh, whose injuries are not thought to be serious.

Gary Myers writes that the NFL has allowed for a three-week cushion to still get in a 16-game season and that players will still face discipline for their whatever trouble they get into during the lockout.

Andrew Brandt doesn't see a rift among the players but rather some lawyers trying to get their piece of the pie.

Interconference records from the past four years.


Bruins D-man Andrew Ference flipped off Les Habitants a couple nights ago.

The guy who poisoned the trees at Auburn has found some perspective on his life.

Which guy is more entertaining, the dude on the rollerskates from yesterday? Or this large fellow at the Sixers game?

You'd think the prospect of the NFL and NBA losing fans due to lockouts would inspire MLB to want to keep their own fans. Instead, baseball is thinking about ruining itself.

KSK's latest mock draft features snack foods.

I can haz fast-lane golf? Yes, please. (via SOB)

If not football at Cowboys Stadium, how about women's bowling?!?!

Ever want to know what it's like to go ski jumping off a cliff? Well, now you know.

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