Pre-draft presser Lard 4-21-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway and Brain Xanders hosted a pre-draft presser yesterday, covering all the usual topics from whether they want to trade down from #2 to whether there's a franchise QB on the roster. A few things that stood out: Xanders said the team's board included 190 players, almost double the 100 or so favored by ex-coach Josh McDaniels (and Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, Scott Pioli, Tom Dimitroff - but what do those guys know about draft strategy?), which will surely spark a few this way is much better and McHoodie was an arrogant jerk columns in coming days. Xanders chalked up the bigger board to the possibility that this year's talent depth is greater, and that moving to a 4-3 defense presents more options (both ridiculous, perhaps he's learned to not totally throw people under the bus at his pressers?). Also, Elway mentioned that there are four or five players they're considering at #2 - figure they're Bama's DT Marcell Dareus, Auburn DT Nick Fairley, A&M LB Von Miller and LSU CB Patrick Peterson? Finally, Xanders mentioned that Steve Antonopulos will be in the war room - so Greek sat in on all the HC interviews, and now he's going to provide input during the draft? Interesting...


If you'd like to see Xanders in all his gelled up glory and Elway in his buttonless buttonfront shirt, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of their presser on video.

Plus, here's a cleaned up transcript in PDF form, which sadly does not include some of the gems that will be added to the Xanders Random Quote Generator.

Finally, here's Gray Caldwell and Gabe Hiatt's article on the presser, which at least quotes Xanders on the "magnitude of descent" in a possible downward trade.

Thankfully, Andrew Mason is back to save us from having to read the DP's version of events.

Klis sums up the season-ticket holder Q&A session with Elway and Xanders that followed the presser.

In his latest mailbag, Woody writes that Marcell Dareus is the Broncos' best option at #2 and laughs off the bloggers who claim to know (via their mystery sources) of Denver's discussions with other teams about dealing picks. Woody says that Shanny and Elway have not spoken about swapping picks, and that Denver has not made any calls about moving back. Hopefully Paige is correct in stating that the Broncos won't be drafting any WRs, and he thinks UCLA LB Akeem Ayers, Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure, LSU DT Drake Nevis and ND TE Kyle Rudolph are second-round options. Interestingly, Woody accepts the wild opinion of someone spurned by McDaniels (probably a Goodman) that D.J. Williams is the Broncos' best player. Yes, Woody actually wrote that - and it doesn't seem he's laughing about it, either...

Legwold points out that not only can veteran players not be traded during the lockout, just-drafted players cannot be dealt (ala Eli/Rivers).

Captain Obvious continues to express his remarkable passion for the draft in stating that Denver must draft a DT. Plus, he takes a closer look at the DT options behind Dareus and Fairley.

Based upon what Chucky said the other day, Klis thinks Fairley is a better fit in Denver than is Dareus.

The AP's story on Elway's first experience managing an NFL draft.

Woody thinks the Broncos would win 6 games with Kyle Orton at QB and 9 games with Tim Tebow under center.

Tebow has been working out plenty in his Jockeys.


Pat Kirwan thinks Patrick Peterson will be an "instant starter and star" and likes Temple S Jaiquawn Jarrett, while Bucky Brooks compares Peterson to Charles Woodson favorably and is very high on Nebraska's Prince Amukamara and Colorado's Jimmy Smith.

Not only does Kirwan see no elite QBs in this draft, he says the lockout will harm their initial development.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Pats will be able to hold a bidding war for the #28 pick.

Some of Mike Mayock's thoughts from a conference call yesterday with reporters.

Wes Bunting shares some names of players he thinks will be good values in rounds 4-7.

Matt Bowen hits up the film on VA Tech CB Rashad Carmichael.

Here are some podcasts of Farrar talking draft with Chad Reuter and Charles Davis.

Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett missed some meetings with the Panthers, and there are conflicting reports as to why.

Some advice for Mallett based upon the experiences of Long John Daly.


Mediation between the owners and players was adjourned until May.

Judge Nelson's decision is expected sooner than later.

Andrew Brandt tells us what to expect; he thinks Nelson will lift the lockout.

Is the NFL sneakily trying to break up the unity of the players?


A contract quirk has allowed Raiders S Michael Huff to join Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency.

The Niners have apparently told QB Alex Smith they want him to return.

Falcons S William Moore was arrested on traffic-related stuff.

Based upon 2010 results, the Panthers have by far the hardest NFC schedule.

More schedule reaction from Don Banks.

In Mike Silver's veteran version of a mock draft, he has Denver taking 34-year-old Tom Brady at #2.

CHFF checks the quality stats of the 2010 Vikings.

Matt Leinart seems to think he's still relevant.

Apparently they're not too fond of old friend Greg Robinson at UMich.

Bill Barnwell is leaving FO to join Bill Simmons' new site.


While his doesn't sound the type of success that will last, Rays OF Sam Fuld has quite an interesting backstory.

A gem of a Tiger Woods headline.

Have you seen Blake Griffin dunking in the NBA? How about all of em?

A robot threw out the first pitch at the Phillies/Brewers game yesterday.

Wow, and we think the DP has dumb writers...

Remember how Ted puzzled over the fact that so many working people don't view themselves as working people? How about this - tons of rich people actually think they're middle class...

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