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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Peter King thinks he thinks that he thinks it's interesting the Eagles and Chiefs are running A&M QB Ryan Tannehill through private workouts this week, but he believes the Dolphins (whose OC Mike Sherman was the QB's college head coach) and Browns are the likely landing spots for the prospect. Other MMQB factoidy thoughts:

  • Dolphins owner Stephen Ross now claims he didn't offer Jim Harbaugh the Miami gig, and that he didn't really want Peyton Manning. Guess Ross is learning from his counterpart in New Jersey...
  • PK finally got around to linking the Elway and Luck families, and he says Chris Mortensen had so many Manning scoops because of his close relationship with the QB, not because they share representation.
  • King wonders if Greg Schiano could someday be Bill Belichick's successor in New England, or has he forgotten about McHoodie? BTW, does Geraldo Rivera think Belichick and McDaniels are putting themselves in physical danger by wearing their thuggish apparel at practice and on the sideline during games? Hmm. Geraldo should have been an NFL reporter - he would have sniffed out Spygate and McDaniels's iffy personnel moves before anyone else, given their suspicious attire.
  • PK laudibly calls out the NFL for making an example of the Saints while their cash cow TV network glorifies vicious hits from days gone by, and he's hearing that Gregg Williams won't be appealing his suspension.


Despite and PFT publishing the Broncos' cap space number as being $13.8M, as we noted on Saturday, Jeff Legwold is going with the idea that Denver has no more cap space and so therefore they must be done signing free agents. Man, must be fun collecting that paycheck.

Clark Judge goes over Denver's roster looking for holes, and of course, finds a gaping one at defensive tackle.

According to his agent, Eddie Royal was pursued by eight teams before he ultimately chose San Diego; says Eddie, "it means a lot to have a [quarterback] you know exactly what you're getting week in and week out."


The NFLPA fears the potential of criminal prosecution of individual players involved in the Saints bounty scandal, and they have retained outside counsel to prepare for such a development.

Unsurprisingly, the current Saints assistant coaches aren't enamored with the idea of working under Bill Parcells this season.

Some high school teams are using gel helmet covers to reduce concussions in practice and during games, and other technologies are being tested for prevention and treatment.

PFW's Mike Beacom retells the history of the NFL's ludicrous Plan B "free agency" system, which was put to rest 20 years ago this summer.

Pats RB Danny Woodhead grew up a Broncos fan in Nebraska.


Andy Benoit surveys the offseasn needs of the NFC West teams; more offseason reviews by Clark Judge: RaidersSteelers, Ravens, Patriots, and Giants.

Over at PFF, their latest mailbag, including normalizing offensive linemen's scores, and a strong Chiefs O-line. Plus, does Philly already have a good stand-in for Jason Peters in King Dunlap?

Mike Tanier evaluates Spartans QB Kirk Cousins and Gamecocks WR Alshon Jeffery.

Matt Bowen breaks down the three most important WR routes for prospect evaluation, and he scouts Baylor's Kendall Wright.

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