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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's defensive tackle day over at, where Pat Kirwan writes that Alabama's Marcell Dareus has the best chance to dominate in the pros, pointing out his youth (he's just 21 - almost two years younger than Nick Fairley) and remarkable 10-yard split time (1.66s). Meanwhile, Kirwan is among the crowd that thinks Fairley is a boom-or-bust prospect, citing the player's lack of dedication in the weight room and the perceived tendency to disappear in some games. Then again, Kirwan writes that Fairley sometimes looks like the next Warren Sapp.

Meanwhile, Bucky Brooks lauds the versatility of Dareus in terms of the various defensive fronts he can fit into and his pass-rushing abilities. As for Fairley, Brooks says the Auburn star looks on film like the most dominant defender in the draft, calling him an impact player and a tone-setter. Brooks is hearing the same knocks everyone else is regarding Fairley; questions of character, technique, motor, work ethic and attitude.


Legwold profiles Texas A&M LB Von Miller and then evaluates him here. Say, did you know that Legwold "talks with scouts across the country"?

Next, Legwold goes over some of the other LB prospects aside from Miller that Denver has been in contact with.

Finally, Legwold continues to show his passion for the draft by surveying the landscape of RB prospects and stating that Alabama's Mark Ingram will go in the top 20.

The Broncos reportedly worked out CSU FB Zac Pauga at some point.

CBS4 checks in with Denver's director of pro scouting Matt Russell, who says the Broncos "really want good football players." That would be a good start, yes...

On the list of Things that Suck for Broncos Fans in 2011, where does Peyton Hillis possibly gracing the cover of the next Madden game rank?


CHFF checks up on the Chiefs and their quality stats from last season.

After they witnessed his blazing pro day, the Raiders will host Eastern Washington RB Taiwan Jones. We all know how much Big Al loves speed...

McDonald looks back at the Raiders' seventh-rounders since moving back to Oaktown.

In a stunner, the company seeking to build a stadium in LA has slipped some valuable development rights into its plans.


Bill Belichick says he's already gotten plenty of calls about trading picks.

Gray Caldwell lays out all the pertinent details of the draft, including start and expected end times for each day.

Pat Kirwan examines the year's top DE prospects. Bucky Brooks does the same.

Kirwan sides with Phil Simms in stating that Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett is worthy of a first-rounder.

In fact, Mike Lombardi writes that Mallett may go in the top 15 (possibly to Washington) and that he's certain at least three QBs will go in the first round, the Bengals want to go WR with the 4th-overall pick, USC OT Tyron Smith will go in the top 10, and that Fairley isn't a hard worker. Plus, he thinks UNC DT Marvin Austin compares quite well to Dareus, and that Marc Bulger will be a Cardinal.

Farrar evaluates LSU DT Drake Nevis and UNC LB Quan Sturdivant.

Matt Bowen explains why speed is so important for WRs.

Joe Fortenbaugh examines the draft trends of the NFC East.

In his rational actor mock of the top ten, Wes Bunting takes Patrick Peterson for the Broncos, writing that he sees a large talent dropoff from Peterson to Von Miller and Dareus.

Brian Burke uses EPA to find each team's needs on offense; for Denver, the glaring needs are at RB and TE.

New Era's latest mock draft has Denver going with Dareus at #2.


Jason Cole on the lack of trade activity attributable to the lockout.

Andrew Brandt on the spending problems of NFL players who are not used to having lots of money on hand and how this factors into the labor dispute.

A few ex-players are suing the NFLPA over royalties.


The 2011 NFL Schedule will be released tonight at 9PM Broncos Time on NFLN and

The Tuna claims he's really not ever returning to coaching. Really.

More chatter on the possibility of Donovan McNabb heading to the VIkes.

A medical consultant praised the NFL's progress last season on handling concussions.

Chase Stuart provides an informative look at the stats that best measure a QB's performance relative to his team winning, in particular by examining Matty Ice.

Mike Tanier offers up a lengthy column that mentions Nick Fairley (ex-Titans and new Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn likens Fairley to old friend Trevor Pryce), Mikel Leshoure (whom he calls a power inside runner much like his fellow Illinois alum Rashard Mendenhall), a couple of historical football books, and examines the top QBs in the franchise histories of the Lions and Vikings.

Chris Chase looks at the Packers' potential opening-night opponents.

Chris Brown expounds upon the value of the shallow cross, paying specific attention to that of Arkansas HC Bobby Petrino's offense. Plus, here's what he's been reading/watching.

KSK translates PK's MMQB for us all.


Oh, wow. Ozzie Guillen is on Twitter.

Someone at the Worldwide Leader thinks baseball managers are called "head coaches".

Online poker has become quite the legal battleground, as the DOJ indicted execs of all the top sites the other day.

There's a tiny but growing microbrewery movement in Mexico.

A postman in PDX dropped a deuce in someone's yard along his route. (via SOB)

Any of you know the Heartless Bastards? Very good band, I just started listening to them.

New Gorillaz album out today, titled The Fall. Plus, The King's Speech is out on DVD.

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