MNF opener? Lard 4-18-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to Klis, the Broncos are actually under consideration to host one of the Monday Night openers for the 2011 season following six straight road openers. For AFC teams to play in the later slot, they have to do so during the 11AM BT (Broncos Time) slot, as CBS broadcasts the U.S. Open men's final during the later one. Hence, all of these early road games for Denver to start the season.

It's a safe bet that Denver would host the second of the two Monday Night games, because there's no way ESPN would want the squad that went 4-12 last year to open their season. But really - why would ESPN even be willing to have Denver be a part of either game? Can't be great for ratings - unless of course, Tim Tebow is starting...


Klis focuses on Alabama DT Marcell Dareus, regarding whom Charley Casserly can find no "negative notes." Meanwhile, Legwold writes that Dareus "will be an impact player in the pass rush."

Legwold finally realized that Denver has seven picks. No correction, of course...

ESPN's crew discussed the Broncos' options at #2 - Kiper says they should go with Dareus. Meanwhile, Trent Dilfer (who doesn't get why teams go for it on fourth down) says Blaine Gabbert has the potential to be a "great" QB while Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow can only be "good to a little bit better than good."

Abilene Christian WR Edmond Gates will reportedly visit on Wednesday.

The Broncos will be holding a few conference calls with 2011 season-ticket holders; Wednesday's will feature John Elway and Brain Xanders, while John Fox will speak to fans sometime after the draft. NFL commish Roger Goodell will talk to ticketholders at an undisclosed date.

Teicher writes that KC may lean more towards offense to add some much-needed youth to that side of the ball.

McDonald reviews the Raiders' sixth-rounders from over the years.


In his MMQB, Peter King writes that KC likes Baylor DT Phil Taylor, the Bengals are fond of TCU QB Andy Dalton, while the Pats have their eye on Bama RB Mark Ingram. Plus, he thinks the Texans could try to move up in order to nab LSU's Patrick Peterson, and that the Seahawks want to move down from #25. He expects Cam Newton to go to Carolina, and agrees with Schefter that Donovan McNabb will end up in Minnesota.

Chucky explains to Newton that the lengthy verbiage of the NFL will be a big challenge for the QB.

There are conflicting reports floating around the interwebz regarding the health of Taylor's feet.

Greg Gabriel evaluates offensive linemen Ben Ijalana of Villanova and Stefan Wisniewski of Penn State.

As Matt Bowen can attest to, Jimmy Clausen may find himself in a rotten position if Carolina drafts Newton.

Bowen explains how he evaluates RB prospects on film.

Andy Benoit hits up tape on the 2010 Pats.

Walter Football's latest mock still has Denver taking Dareus at #2, plus UNC DT Marvin Austin and Illinois LB Martez Wilson in round two.


The Titans gave their GM Mike Reinfeldt a contract extension.

It looks like Kevin Kolb will remain in Philly for now, as the lockout prevents players from being traded - so the Eagles cannot get 2011 picks for him.

Among PFW's latest Whispers, they have something completely incoherent regarding the Broncos' draft strategy.

In his typical "I think I'm smart and just had a unique idea" style, John Clayton writes that offenses could struggle early in the 2011 season. Plus, he thinks Tebow is too slow to play TE.

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