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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Via Williamson, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Shanny and the Skins are desperate to trade up from the #10 spot for a quarterback, and McClain is guessing that it's Blaine Gabbert. Williamson points out that if Washington were to move all the way to #2 in a deal with the Broncos, they'd need to use some future picks (or maybe a player?) to do so, at least as far as the Jimmy Johnson draft chart goes. Big Bill also says that #10 may be a bit farther than Denver is interested in sliding back, but who knows - maybe they could move back to ten and then orchestrate another deal to move back up a few notches...


Apparently the return of Elvis Dumervil is a sudden development, or at least that's what Legwold would have us believe.

Legwold also babbles on about mock drafts.

Kyle Sonneman revisits the Broncos' history of drafting tight ends.

Williamson looks back at Denver's trouble in finding D-linemen. Plus, he brilliantly points to past results to evaluate the "risk" in drafting one. Because, you know, some positions are surer bets than others...


Jerry McDonald says the Raiders paid special attention to Taiwan Jones at his pro day.

Plus, McDonald looks back at Oakland's fourth-rounders since 1995.

Scott Pioli says the Chiefs aren't going to jump on players simply based upon perceived needs.

Roger Goodell spoke with Chargers season ticket holders during a conference call.

PFT goes over San Diego's draft needs.


Joe Fortenbaugh wonders if the Panthers are just smokescreening everyone with their perceived interest in Cam Newton.

Taiwan Jones also caught the eye of Wes Bunting, who has revised his assessment of the speedster.

Pat Kirwan likes the depth of this year's DE prospects pool.

For some reason, Don Banks thinks he's a deft finder of sleeper picks.

FO's Tom Gower reassesses the 2005 Draft, calling Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel the best value picks among quarterbacks, and of course Maurice Clarett the biggest RB bust.

Here's a Q&A from with UCLA LB Akeem Ayers, who is expected to visit the Broncos at some point.

Matt Waldman evaluates Louisville RB Bilal Powell.


The two sides met for four hours yesterday and will come back for more on Tuesday.

Andrew Brandt on how the labor impasse is affecting player agents.

New UFL GM and coach Jerry Glanville plans on taking advantage of the fact that teams won't be able to sign undrafted free agents after the selection party.

The agents for Philly QB Kevin Kolb apparently want a new contract for their player if he's to be involved in any trade.

Dez Bryant paid up his jewelry debt.

In a real stunner, 3-game road trips haven't historically gone well for NFL teams.

CHFF checks up on the Texans via their quality stats.

Aaron Nagler over at Cheesehead TV heads to the chalkboard to explain pass protection. (via FO)

One-liners via PFT.

Mike Vick and Braylon Edwards probably shouldn't speak publicly. Ever.

Anyone tired yet of posts that make fun of Jay Cutler? Yeah, me neither.


The USPS has released a new stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty. Not the real one, but the fake miniature one in Vegas. Oh, brother...

Coco Crisp is rocking the Oscar Gamble fro, and spectacularly so. Of course, this recalls Gamble's 1976 Topps Traded card, one of the greatest of all time.

For the city-dwelling dog owners out there, did you know that your best buddy's pee is harmful to trees and plants?

KSK's latest excellent mock draft is of people they'd like to have imprisoned.

Some HS kid in Mississippi came up with a ridiculously awesome way to beat a tag at home plate.

Drew from KSK crafted an oral history of ESPN.

PGA Tour player Kevin Na racked up a 16 on one hole during Thursday's opening round of the Valero Texas Open. Best part? He was miked up for the whole shebang.

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