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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Mike Klis checked in on a few Broncos linemen who are working out together, including Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Chris Kuper and Ryan Harris. Meanwhile, WR Eric Decker is apparently working out with Cardinals superstar Larry Fitzgerald (good choice!) and Elvis Dumervil is sweating with his pop.

According to Klis, the players are getting regular updates on the labor situation from team union reps Kyle Orton, Brian Dawkins and Russ Hochstein.


Brian Billick, then Charles Davis, Tom Waddle and Charley Casserly discussed the Broncos' options at #2. Thankfully, these guys aren't trying to sell newspapers, so none of them said they could see Denver going with a QB there.

Legwold sucks up to praises the Broncos' FO for doing their due diligence.

In responding to a question about first-round compensation, Legwold reminds us how much the Broncos have spent on their top picks.

Clifton Brown thinks the Broncos would be best served by moving down from #2.

PFT examines the Broncos' draft needs.

Tim Tebow's now ranks fifth on the sales list of NFL jerseys.


Woody recaps the Broncos' draft problems of the past 10 years or so. While that's easy pickings and therefore much of what Paige writes is fair, he tops it off with some real doozies: "Most coaches and executives with the organization later regretted both picks — because Moreno turned out to be soft, mediocre, oft-injured and a nuisance in the locker room, and Ayers has been an average linebacker now switching to defensive end...Another second-rounder, tight end Richard Quinn, has been deemed a bust."

Legwold conducted a chat yesterday, and he may have been drunk while doing so (let's hope, for his sake). How else to explain the fact that he twice wrote that Denver has five draft picks (they have seven) and when confronted by a correctly-informed participant he amended his number to six. So, not only did he never correct himself correctly, but he then laughed off his own inaccuracy with what may be a shot at the blogosphere - "haven't escaped the basement in a while". What's sad is how many readers look up so highly to someone who doesn't take his job seriously enough to know how many draft choices the team he covers has, two weeks before the draft and when he's been writing about said team's draft everyday.


Sorry, but I cannot resist posting pictures of the Human Herpe (don't look on a full stomach).

Former NBA player and coach John Lucas has given up on trying to straighten out JaMarcus the Hutt.

Matt Bowen thinks current and future draft prospects should learn from the Hutt's example.

Meanwhile, the city of Oaktown may be better off without the Raiders playing, and not just because they suck.


Eastern Washington RB/KR Taiwan Jones posted some spectacular 40 times at his pro day yesterday.

Auburn DT Nick Fairley is trying to dispel any notions that he's not a hard worker, but Todd McShay isn't quite buying it.

Bucky Brooks examines the top interior offensive line prospects.

Wes Bunting lists seven players he sees as safe bets to become longtime NFL starters.

Greg Gabriel evaluates UCLA defenders Rahim Moore and Akeem Ayers.

Bunting sees a lot of potential for Baylor's Phil Taylor and Hampton's Kenrick Ellis as 3-4 nose tackles.

Part 2 of Joe Fortenbaugh's look at the AFC North's draft trends.

Russ Lande's final mock draft has Denver taking Nick Fairley, Akeem Ayers, Rahim Moore, Arkansas TE D.J. Williams, Idaho S Shiloh Keo, Illinois DE Clay Nurse, and Georgia Tech LB Brad Jefferson.

In reconsidering the 2008 Draft, Pat Kirwan has Ryan Clady going #2 overall.


The NFL will release the regular season schedule within the next 10 days. Plus, there is a league contingency plan to delay the start of the season by two weeks yet still play a full season.

The league and NFLPA spent 10 hours yesterday in their first mediation session since the lockout began.

Both sides believe that Judge Nelson will ultimately rule in the players' favor for an injunction.

Dan Pompei examines the issue of whether the opinions of veteran players should have any effect upon team personnel decisions.

Now this is exciting: Mike Mayock is replacing Joe Theissman and Matt Millen as NFLN's color analyst, and it's possible that he will team up with Gus Johnson. HA!

Mike Silver considers the QB quandary facing the Bengals with the lockout and Carson Palmer's retirement threat.

Andy Benoit reviews the film on the 2010 NJ Jets.

Bears TE Greg Olsen tried to work out at a public high school during the school day and got kicked off the field.

Giants owner John Mara was unable to weasel his way out of jury duty; now he's been elevated from an alternate.

A 59-year-old man tried out for a CFL team. No, really.

Football innovator Homer Smith passed away at age 79.


If you ever happen to meet the Czech president, don't lose sight of your pen.

The state of Colorado may begin auctioning off vanity license plates.

What Chris Brown's been reading.

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