Stop defining corners by picks, please Lard 4-13-12

Happy Friday the 13th, Broncos fans! According to Jeff Legwold, Bama corner Dre Kirkpatrick is on Denver's short list for what to do with the 25th-overall pick. But for some reason, Legwold thinks it's a big deal that Kirkpatrick didn't have any interceptions last year, as if that should ever be the measure of a cornerback.

As a refresher course, Champ Bailey has had 11 interceptions over the past five seasons after having nabbed 10 in 2006; Darrelle Revis had zero in 2010, and Nnamdi Asomugha had but three picks between 2007 and 2010. Is that what defines these cover corner stalwarts?

We cite this here fairly frequently, but it bears repeating: craptastic ex-Denver corners Tory James (eight in 2004) and Deltha O'Neal (nine in 2001, 10 in 2005) made three Pro Bowls combined, on the basis of interceptions rather than quality overall play. Remember how New England's Devin McCourty made the Pro Bowl (over Champ, originally) after the 2010 season because he picked seven balls? Anyone want to suggest this group compares favorably to the former trio?

Starting NFL cornerbacks are on the field for about 1,000 snaps per year, and we're going to evaluate them based upon five or six plays they do or don't make, or less? Legwold, please.


Incredibly, Chris Kuper tells Mike Klis that his gruesome ankle injury didn't hurt nearly as badly as it looked to us all watching on TV. Kuper had a screw removed last week but still has seven more and a plate in his leg, and he's confident he'll be back in action come June.

Andrew Mason figures that bringing back Justin Bannan is a stopgap measure for the development of a drafted DT prospect, and he says Julius Thomas should be recovered from his ankle procedure by training camp, although perhaps not in time for earlier OTAs. Mason also says the team hasn't made much effort to re-sign Mario Haggan and would like Brian Dawkins back if he doesn't retire, although it should be noted that Mike Adams has started 50 games in the NFL.

Mason looks back at the paranoia that permeated the organization during the later-Shanahan years and the McDaniels era in Denver, and he says the franchise is being run in a more trustful and classy manner by John Elway.

Legwold thinks A&M running back Cyrus Gray is a bit slight for John Fox's liking. FWIW, Gray is pretty much the same size as Joseph Addai, not much smaller than Edgerrin James, and taller than DeAngelo Williams. Really, I love when writers/analysts write about how some player does/doesn't make sense due to some tiny or made-up precedent. Remember how many times we heard last offseason that the 5-9 217-lb Williams was the big bruising back Foxy prefers?

Stuart Zaas examines some of the team's more notable drafted defensive linemen.


Former Lion and TV star Alex Karras is suffering from dementia and is the latest ex-player to sue the league for its handling of concussions.

Oakland signed a Cal State Fullerton hoopster named Andre Hardy to try him out at tight end; A.J. Smith says that as per usual, he's more than willing to make a draft day trade - just not with less than three minutes left on the clock.

Pats wideout Wes Welker is yet to sign his franchise tender; if you're wondering, Matt Prater hasn't signed his, as far as we can tell.

Houston is adding ex-Cowboys LB Bradie James; Seattle re-signed LBs Leroy Hill and Matt McCoy; Tennessee re-upped DE Dave Ball.

A "handful of teams" are reportedly interested in trading for Steelers wideout Mike Wallace, figuring the price would be less than a first-rounder, and hoping Wallace eases off reported demands for a Larry Fitzgerald-level contract. Pittsburgh re-signed lineman Trai Essex for one year, while Doug Legursky signed his tender.

A lending agency has sued Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie for $4.3M over the non-payment of a lockout-related loan.

Falcons WR Roddy White is a homophobe who clearly does not get it.


A record 26 players will attend the draft this year, which increases the chances for one of them to sit in the green room FOREVER.

Mike Florio warns us that as the draft nears, we shouldn't accept team exec's comments as truth. Christmas Ape sees great irony in the column and figures Florio's doing some preemptive ass-covering.

With that out of the way, PFW's Nolan Nawrocki hears the Browns are interested in taking Brandon Weeden late in the first round or early in the second.

Janoris Jenkins apparently did not stop smoking weed when he went to North Alabama, and he's been working on becoming the next Travis Henry or OctoDad, so word is that teams are unwilling to risk a first-rounder on the  consensus top cover corner available, with some organizations leaving him off their boards completely.

Brian Billick thinks the meteoric rise of Ryan Tannehill's proverbial stock is similar to that of one JaMarcus the Hutt.

Wes Bunting lists prospects he expects will be impact players as rookies; Adam Schefter responds to pre-draft email questions.

Doug Farrar scouts Ole Miss tackle Bobby Massie and Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin; Matt Bowen evaluates VT RB David Wilson; Matt Waldman scouts Arkansas WR Greg Childs; Jeffri Chadiha profiles BC LB Luke Kuechly.

Clark Judge considers the draft needs of the Chiefs and Bills; Khaled Elsayed revisits the 08-10 drafts of the Eagles and Jets.


Greg Cosell says the importance of having an elite left tackle has decreased over time, because elite QBs can help cover for weaknesses on the line. Prime example? How about Peyton Manning and the Colts' awful blockers?

Andy Benoit goes over the needs of the AFC East teams.

Sam Monson checks back on some of the more bloated free agent contracts of a year ago.

Mike Tanier offers his own vastly improved version of the Wonderlic, plus the top running backs in Vikings history.

Matt Ufford (KSK's Captain Caveman) studies the history of some NFL logo changes, including Denver's of 1997. Plus, his latest Sex/FF mailbag.

Christmas Ape is bored by the idea of the Falcons on Hard Knocks and nauseated by Ian Rapoport's ridiculous Tebow for President column.

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