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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Jeff Legwold thinks Denver has to consider BSU's Doug Martin at #25 and says it's unlikely the running back would last until their second pick at #57. Of course, Andy Benoit suggested the other day that the Broncos could even go WR with that first pick.

All this has Mark Kiszla in a tiszy, because as he sees it, Denver would be crazy not to draft a defensive tackle there. Kiz says the Broncos must go "defense, defense, defense" in two weeks. Defensive tackle is absolutely a need, yet again. It would be an utter shock, yet again, if the team doesn't draft one or two of them, and relatively highly, at that. But that doesn't mean the team has to take one at 25. If Denver goes offense there and ends up with five defenders among their next six picks, are we really going to be apoplectic?

What if they sign Justin Bannan? What if Marcus Thomas comes back?

Cornerback? Denver has seven veterans under contract, although Andre' Goodman appears a likely restructuring candidate. Safety? They've got five of those. Linebacker? Six. None of these figures include future contract guys; we're only talking vets here.

They only have three or four ends, and in essence they have that many tackles or less. But the team now has seven draft choices, and we know the X-Man loves to trade down to stockpile picks.

Meanwhile, the team just signed one of the QB GOATS and it's unclear (to be kind) that there is a top WR or RB on the entire roster. Remember, Manning Ball is about building a lead and not even giving opponents a chance to run the ball. Does Denver need help on the line? Absolutely. Would it be really nice to finally get a quality one in the first round? Sure. But this talk that the Broncos have to get one there or I'm taking my toys and going home is just too much. Let's just see how this all plays out.

John Elway is running the show, if you didn't notice. Think he's doing a pretty good job so far?


Andrew Mason ranks Denver's best and worst QB draft choices; did you know the team has only drafted four QBs within the first three rounds (three in the first, one in the third) in their entire history? Meanwhile, the Raiders and Chiefs have each drafted nine, and the Chargers have taken eight passers in the first three rounds.

Charley Casserly and Matt Millen discuss the Broncos' draft needs on NFLN.

Stephen Colbert thinks the Broncos' shuttling of Tim Tebow out of town shows they have "higher standards than God."


Carolina agreed to a three-year extension with WR Steve Smith; Tampa Bay cut S Tanard Jackson after he failed a physical.

Washington signed S Madieu Williams and brought back CB Leigh Torrence; Shanny acknowledges that his approach with the #2 pick in hand can be much more open than back in 2006 when he had his eyes on Jay Cutler.

Pittsburgh signed ex-Chiefs TE Leonard Pope; DE Philip Merling and T Lydon Murtha signed their tenders with Miami.

Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez are working out together in Florida as they try to mend their relationship; Reebok and Nike settled their tiff on the sale of Tebow/Jets jerseys; Tebow'$ lawyer has been battling attempts to trademark 'Tebowing' and has had $uce$$ so far.

St. Louis "finalized" their coaching staff without a DC; word is the team hopes Trent Richardson will fall to them at #6.

Old white guy Fran Tarkenton blames gangster rap for the violence of the NFL game. Really.

Add another embarrassing departure to Bobby Petrino's resume: the ex-Falcons coach was fired by Arkansas after he covered up an affair with a woman half his age, for whom he had circumvented the school's normal hiring process to give her a job on his staff.

Old friend Clinton Portis will be appearing with Joe Biden at an Obama reelection fundraiser.


Greg Gabriel thinks QBs are overrated and overdrafted, and his proof is that so many are busts, and of course, he wants to pat himself on the back for taking backup QB Kyle Orton in the fourth round. This is just flat-out dumb. There's no doubting that this is a QB-driven league, and that it's extremely difficult to find a great one outside the first round or two, and to win a SB without one. We could play this game with any other position, too. How many times have we heard that first-round WRs are risks? First-round defensive linemen? Running backs?

Greg Cosell and Wes Bunting search out some post-first-round prospects they think have a chance to thrive at the next level.

Doug Farrar scouts GT WR Stephen Hill; Mike Tanier covers Cuse DE Chandler Jones; Matt Bowen evaluates LSU WR Rueben Randle; Matt Waldman breaks down Alabama RB Trent Richardson; Unsilent Majority gives us the dirt on ND WR Michael Floyd.

Khaled Elsayed revisits the 08-10 drafts of the Seahawks.


Chris Brown says the no-huddle is the future of NFL football, although he's puzzled it hasn't taken more of a hold since the Bills and Bengals were so successful with it in the 80s and 90s. I challenge everyone to read this and not get even more excited about the fact that Peyton Freaking Manning is a Denver Bronco.

Andy Benoit measures the offseason needs of the AFC South teams; Ben Muth breaks down the offensive line play of the Ravens.

Matt Bowen thinks the Bears would be better served by lining Devin Hester up in the slot.

Windbag extraordinaire Skip Bayless has been spouting off about his exploits as a shoot-first HS point guard despite having averaged 1.4 points per game as a senior. Or, he was spouting off, until Jalen Rose set the record straight.

Speaking of ESPN windbags, there's actually a chance the Worldwide Leader will dump Rick Reilly, and if not, it sounds like a slam dunk that they won't renew his contract in 14 months. Could we all be so fortunate?

Poor Ozzie Guillen got suspended for saying something stupid; granted, it's been taken waaaaaay out of context, but still. Anyway, the best part is the collection of fake Ozzie misquotes on Twitter this debacle has inspired.

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