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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In today's MMQB, PK writes that the Panthers appear to be leaning towards drafting Cam Newton first overall, because Carolina wants to see game tape from Newton's juco days. The only (minor flaw) with that logic, of course, is that Newton only played one year at Auburn and thus his juco days were only two years ago. Shouldn't every team be looking at those tapes? After all, one would hope/think that before making such impactful decisions that teams examine more than one season's worth of notes and game tape, no? But okay, sure. They're going with Newton. Let's hope so, and we can move on and Denver will have either their pick of the defensive litter or a chance to move back in a trade as part of the Blaine Gabbert sweepstakes?

King is also hearing the speculation that Da'Quan Bowers may need microfracture surgery, and he writes that Gabbert is "fading" all the way to #4. Plus, he makes the wild guess that the Pats will get an extra 2012 first-rounder during this year's draft (umm, yeah it happens every year) - more specifically, PK thinks some team will want to jump up to #33 for a QB. Oh, and he thinks all sports fans should go to the Masters. Right, Pete - because so many people can afford that one...


Among his latest draft thoughts, Mike Rice expects Denver to select an offensive lineman early on but not to acquire a tight end. Rice interestingly writes that Ryan Harris appears to be a goner.

I assume everyone in the Denver area knows this already, but mayoral candidate Michael Hancock was once the Broncos' mascot (Huddles, in 1987).


Adam Schefter is reporting that Judge Nelson will in fact impose mediation upon the two sides.

Among their latest Whispers, PFW is hearing that the Titans may bring back Kerry Collins and draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round and that the Bengals will likely use one of their first to picks on a passer to replace Carson Palmer.

You know, it's really funny that John Clayton is known as "The Professor" on ESPN, because he really isn't much of a thinker, despite the giant egghead. He apparently is on a crusade against deferring opening kickoffs, and the ironclad proof that he has to support his case is that the team that receives those opening kicks scores first more often than the kicking team. No mention of number of possessions, or who actually won the games - the points that really matter here. Meanwhile, Clayton thinks that Tim Tebow wouldn't net much more in a trade than Brady Quinn did. Of course, he's forgetting that Quinn was dealt for the greatest white running back in at least the last four years of world history...

Matt Bowen wonders if Randy Moss would be a match with the Green & White of NJ.

Tom Brady is still bent out of shape over getting drafted in the sixth round.


Here's Gil Brandt's latest tiered prospects ranking, adjusted slightly for the results of the pro day circuit.

CHFF's Todd DeVries ranks his top 32 draft prospects not based upon their combine numbers or their character, but rather upon their on-the-field results (stats). The first problem I see with this approach is that it totally overlooks anyone playing outside the major conferences.

Bowen hits up the film on Patrick Peterson to evaluate his press-man skills.

Matt Waldman evaluates Alabama WR Julio Jones.

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