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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei considers the possible growing importance of interior linemen in today's game, as more pressure and sacks have apparently been coming from up the middle in recent years. Pompei writes that shorter pass drops may be to blame, and of course this only magnifies the Broncos' already desperate need at defensive tackle. Plus, Pompei is hearing that Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert was actually quite impressive in his combine interviews and team visits (in contrast to the reports that he's the next Jay Cutler) and that Von Miller should be a playmaker immediately.

AFC West

Tim Tebow's statue at the Gators' stadium was unveiled yesterday, along with those of Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel.

Teicher on how the lack of free agency has affected teams like the Chiefs.


Among the latest draft rumors he's been hearing, Wes Bunting says TCU QB Andy Dalton may sneak into the first round, plus some mixed messages on Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers. Plus, he's hearing that Oakland is interested in Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick and that Carolina would love to move out of the #1 spot.

After working the prospect out on Friday, Jon Gruden said Cam Newton is the "best player in the country".

Matt Waldman evaluates wide receivers Randall Cobb of Kentucky and Greg Little of UNC.


BMarsh claims everything is fine between he and Chad Henne.

RB DeAngelo Williams says he'll decide whether to stay in Carolina based upon their QB situation, and hinted at being interested in going to Miami.

Chris Cooley is killing time by making pottery.

One-liners via PFT.

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