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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Fox spoke at a business breakfast yesterday at the Pepsi Center and made some strange promise that "we'll be in the championship on some level very soon," whatever that means. Once again, Fox spoke of the parallels between his arrivals in Denver this year and in Carolina in 2002, while John Elway talked again about re-signing Champ Bailey. Both men basically said that the decision to re-sign Kevin Vickerson and release Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams was about fielding a younger group.


Broncos TV caught up with Fox and Elway at the Pepsi Center.

Mason details Fox and Elway's comments on Vickerson and on Bailey.

After their luncheon, Elway, Fox and Brain Xanders headed to Auburn's pro day; stories from Mason, LJ at the DP and from the team's site.

According to Legwold, the Broncos aren't just posturing when they say Kyle Orton is the starting QB or they're not looking to trade him.

Notes from LJ - pro days at Alabama (Marcell Dareus) and Texas A&M (Von Miller) are up next for the FO.

Patrick Peterson spoke briefly about joining Champ in Denver.


The NFL offered up a tiny bit more financial information, but the bank advising the union told the NFLPA to seek more figures before making any concessions.

Florio assesses the current state of the CBA talks.

Jack Bechta explores what a rookie cap would mean.

PK responds to a few emails.

KSK knows what the CBA negotiations are really all about.


So while one egomaniac (Brett Favre) finally retires, another one has decided to unretire (Tiki Barber); but it won't be with the Giants. Sounds like the guy just needs the dough...

However, Matt Bowen explains why Tiki is unlikely to catch on anywhere.

Santonio Holmes wants back in NJ, as does Vince Young in Tennessee.

Oakland re-signed RB Michael Bennett and OL Daniel Loper. Plus, they tendered LB Ricky Brown.

Pat Kirwan thinks Rob Ryan is an ideal fit for the Cowboys.

Tom Brady may be having fun down at Carnival, but he sure as s%*# can't dance.

Adam Rank would love to see Jake the Snake make a comeback, among other players. Plus, he ranks Steve Atwater among the best-ever players from Arkansas.


Gil Brandt says Cam Newton's pro day confirmed his own opinion that the QB should be taken first overall.

However, Mike Mayock and Charley Casserly don't quite agree, while Farrar says Newton helped his case slightly.

Mike Lombardi has the Broncos taking Marcell Dareus at #2 in his latest mock.

Bucky Brooks offers up his post-Combine evaluation of the top linebacker prospects.

Greg Gabriel considers which players are likely first-rounders after the Combine.

Wes Bunting isn't sure that any of the RB prospects deserve to be drafted in the first round.

Farrar continues his evaluations with UCLA safety Rahim Moore.

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