Laborious week Lard 3-7-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! This is going to be a slooooow week in the news department, as the only game in town is the CBA negotiation. Again, the extended deadline (to Friday at 5pm ET) came with the caveat of no player transactions for the entire week. But worry not - Doc, Ted and TJ will be bringing it as always, meaning real analysis and in-depth writing. If you're looking for wild speculation and ridiculous headlines (or perhaps a new mock draft each day) then you know where to go. Obviously, we'll keep you posted on the CBA fun.

Speaking of speculation, among PFW's AFC Whispers they're hearing that Denver is backing off the idea of dealing Kyle Orton. Why? Because as many have pointed out (especially our own readers), John Fox may prefer to have a veteran QB around. Plus, in the event of a lockout, there'd be the possibility of a shortened offseason and therefore little time for a true QB competition. Obviously, we're going to be hearing/reading different versions of this very story for the next 4-6 months, but I think Orton and his $7.379 million salary will still eventually be traded.

AFC West

Mike Rice shares his thoughts on the re-signing of Champ Bailey and release of Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams.

Since he now represents all über-religious athletes, Tim Tebow said he believes the BYU star who got kicked off the hoops team deserves a second chance.

Unsurprisingly, QB Bruce Gradkowski hasn't heard from the Raiders about re-signing.

Chargers LB Shaun Phillips is keeping busy this offseason while paying attention to the labor talks.


In his MMQB, PK thinks that the owners will open their books to some extent this week. Plus, Jim Trotter shares some details from last week's talks - the players were thisclose to decertifying on Thursday and have felt strung along by the owners and their negotiating tactics. Meanwhile, DeMaurice Smith has brought more transparency with his leadership of the NFLPA than did Gene Upshaw, for what that's worth. As for actual football, PK writes that "Clay Matthews is really good," and thinks he may have voted wrongly for Defensive POY. Hmm, perhaps if people who actually watched all the games voted on these awards. Another gem is PK trying to frame Plaxico Burress' time away from football in terms of months, because 38 of them isn't a long time, apparently. Happily for football fans everywhere, PK reports that there's still reason to hope that Dr. Z will someday return to writing.

Judy Battista says there's still a huge gap between the owners and players, but the realistic hope is that enough is agreed upon (salary cap, free agency, rookie comp) by Friday to at least begin a new league year.

NFC Whispers from PFW - will Robert Gallery follow the Cable Guy to Seattle? Plus, it sounds like Josh McDaniels will cover both the OC and QB coaching duties in St. Louis.

Rey Maualuga was accepting of the public criticism doled out to him by Bengals DC Mike Zimmer.

Tom Brady is still in a walking boot. Perhaps it's a special custom UGG walking boot? Wow, how would an UGG smell after wearing it nonstop for a month-plus?

Matt Bowen on how players need to stay in shape during a potential lockout.

Plus, Bowen goes to the game film to analyze the play of Packers CB Tramon Williams.


Pat Kirwan can picture a lot of action come draft time relative to QBs. Hopefully he's right, and the Broncos will be able to parlay their pick into a top defender and some extra picks...

Bucky Brooks says Blaine Gabbert is still the top QB prospect in the draft.

Plus, he still thinks Mark Ingram is the best runner, despite his poor Combine results.

After sharing his top 40 prospects pre-Combine, Farrar is now covering his second 40, starting with Georgia LB Justin Houston.

Three schools hosted pro days last Thursday - Utah State, TJ's alma mater Wyoming and Lindenwood.

Greg Gabriel on how medical reports can affect a player's draft stock.

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