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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer wrote yesterday that the Panthers are not set on taking a defensive lineman first overall in the draft. According to Person's sources (or it may just be his own speculation, it's hard to tell from the way it's written), Carolina is also considering the possibility of selecting Cam Newton or even Blaine Gabbert. Person also raises the potentiality of the Panthers going with Patrick Peterson. Obviously none of this talk is a surprise - it could be that Carolina is merely posturing for the option of trading down, or perhaps they really don't know who they're going to take yet. After all, it's but early March.

Update 11:06AM ET - From Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press: "A little birdie says the Vikings considered trading for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton but have backed off. But it wasn't because of any progress made by Joe Webb, who insiders say is nowhere close to being an effective starter." (via PFT)


Klis wouldn't mind a lockout, at least long enough for him not to have to cover training camp.

Tim Tebow spent the weekend at ESPN's FanFest with a teenage fan who is battling health problems.

Here are a few swings from the Honda Classic by Tebow and other NFL players.

AFC West

More Chiefs players are talking of organizing their own practices.

Notes on KC from Randy Covitz.

AJ Smith isn't amused by the rhetoric coming from Eric Weddle's agent.

Chargers LB Stephen Cooper thinks his time is up in SD.


In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei says that while any outcome of the CBA talks will affect the structure of this and future NFL offseasons, perhaps that's a good thing. He also shares some NFL reactions to player interviews at the Combine and says a return of Mike Holmgren to coaching is inevitable.

ESPN summarizes the current status of the CBA talks.

Dave Zirin of The Nation and former Bronco Nate Jackson appeared on MSNBC. Zirin says the owners want socialism for themselves but capitalism for the players.

Among the pre-draft rumors Wes Bunting is hearing, every scout he's talked to thinks Nick Fairley is a better prospect than Marcell Dareus. See how he does that? He qualifies his statement as only covering the people he's spoken with firsthand. But if it were a hack like Legwold, he'd write "most scouts think" or "every seasoned NFL personnel executive says"...

Bart Scott showed the true colors of the Green & White of NJ on TNA Wresting a few nights back.

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