Evil Raiders Lard 3-5-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! If you're around my age (33) or older, I'm guessing you grew up seeing the Raiders not as the dysfunctional, JaMarcus the Hutt-led laughingstock of recent years, nor was Al Davis the incoherent whackjob we see today. Rather, the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders were a formidable opponent, evidenced by their 18-15 record against the Broncos during John Elway's career - including an excruciating conclusion to the 1993 season. But beyond the intense rivalry and the Raiders' speed and talent, there was a swagger to them - quite frankly, they were a dirty bunch of cheapshot-doling intimidators that seemed to rack up double-digit penalties in every game. Al sat up there in his white jumpsuit lording over his band of henchmen, and trips to the LA Coliseum were scary - for both the Broncos and their fans. I used to think, "These are just bad guys." The Raiders represented football evil to me, whether it be in the form of their black jerseys and ominous logo, or the late hits from guys like Winston Moss or Nolan Harrison. Well, perhaps there was something to it. Anthony Smith, the Raiders' 1st-round pick in 1990, has been charged with murder along with two other men in the 2008 beating and shooting of a man. This isn't meant to make light of the darkest of situations, but are you really surprised?


Notes from Klis - for now, Broncos players don't plan on practicing on their own, out of fear for injury.

Legwold tells a reader that Albert Haynesworth doesn't make sense for Denver.

Mason's reaction to the CBA extension.

Daniel Graham spoke briefly with CBS4.

Just-released DT Justin Bannan spoke with the guys on The Drive. Here's the podcast.

A profile of Ring of Famer Frank Tripucka, who reminisced about his old high school stadium as it got torn down.

AFC West

Oakland extended their highest restrictive tenders to TE Zach Miller and RB Michael Bush yesterday. Miller thinks he'll be back.

Cam Inman says the Bay Area needs some new football stadiums and thinks the next CBA should somehow address that.

Bowen examines San Diego's acquisition of Bob Sanders.

Williamson on the Chargers' free agency strategy.


Negotiations will resume on Monday toward a new CBA.

Don Banks is optimistic, while Mike Silver writes about the relationship between Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith.

MJD says the players and owners deserve at least a little bit of credit.

Pompei considers the player mayhem that would ensue during a lockout.

Bill Simmons tries to put himself in the shoes of the NFL owners.

Andrew Mason wrote a piece for TIME about the potential effect of a lockout on team websites.


The Falcons have placed a first-round tender on CB Brent Grimes.

Green Bay extended the contract of Mike McCarthy.

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowsky will be boxing in a March undercard fight preceding the Cotto/Mayorga title bout.

Plaxico Burress is planning his return to the NFL after his June prison release.

CHFF gives us a peek at some of their new metrics.

As much as I could swear that I've seen John Clayton's funny head on TV, apparently it's just not the truth...

The KSK guys draft themselves into some apprenticeships.


Somehow, Joe Fortenbaugh doesn't include the Broncos among his three teams who can't afford to miss in the draft.

Wes Bunting checks in on UT-Chattanooga CB Buster Skrine.

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