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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Today, Legwold ponders the effect of the recent kickoff rule changes, slipping in one of his "I know everyone lines" - apparently he talks to enough ST coaches "regularly" to gather a consensus. At least he doesn't use any ridiculous stats, although of course I'd rather see the average kick return for the entire league, rather than just that of the Broncos (who had a terrible year returning kicks in '93, 1.8 yards/per worse than the '92 squad). In fact, Glyn Milburn, the Broncos' diminutive 2nd-round pick in 1993, who was touted by some as "the next Eric Metcalf" - had a paltry 15.7-yard average on 12 returns that year. As we've talked Broncos draft disappointments of late, Milburn fits the discussion (although he was far from a bust) - he was fast, had some nice open-field moves and was supposed to be a jack of all trades for Denver.

Unfortunately, he didn't do anything that well in his three seasons with the Broncos - although he had a couple of good years as a punt returner, he never scored on a punt or kickoff. He did manage 77 receptions in 1994, but it was for a relatively meager 549 yards. Denver dealt him to Detroit after the '95 season, and he ended up having a stellar year for the Bears in 1998 with three returns for touchdowns (the only three of his career). Why spend so many words on Milburn? I just remember being very excited about his prospects when Denver drafted him, I thought it was neat that he shared an alma mater with John Elway, and I think I had this rookie card. Man, does that look like a football player? What do you remember about Milburn's time in orange?


Legwold examines the Broncos' possible draft targets at tight end, pointing out that like in 2010 the top choices are coming off significant injuries.

Miami cornerbacks DeMarcus Van Dyke and Brandon Harris both worked out for the Broncos yesterday, with Oregon Casey Matthews expected to visit Denver next week.

In his weekly mailbag, Woody dials up some of Peter Schrager's logic in evaluating the QBs drafted in the first round over the past 15 years. You know, because the stories of JaMarcus Russell and Peyton Manning relate in any manner to the chances of how Blaine Cutler Gabbert or Cam Tebow Newton will do in the NFL. Plus, he takes a meatball question with an opportunity to sing the praises of Champ Bailey (the person) and makes it about who else but himself? Finally, he apparently has no clue what Brian Dawkins' salary is (a little research, Woodrow?) and cites it as being somewhere between $2 million and $3 million - it's actually $6 million, so he was almost 50% there...

AFC West

SD State WR Vincent Brown was scheduled to meet with the Chargers yesterday.

Teicher can't see Chad Johnson going from playing futbol in KC to playing football in Kansas City.

Oakland LB and Auburn alum Quentin Groves isn't buying the players' pay-to-play accusations from HBO's Real Sports last night.

Here's a rendering of the Chargers' next home in LA.

Larry Johnson's lawyer thinks the ex-Chief is so hated in KC that he can't get a fair trial in the spitting lawsuit against him.


Bucs CB Aqib Talib turned himself in to the police yesterday.

Von Miller hasn't been blackballed by the NFL, at least not yet.

John Clayton talks to Shanny about the lack of free agency to this point. It's gotta be killing him and Daniel Snyder, huh? They can't yet find their next Daryl Gardener, Al Haynesworth, Dale Carter or Jeff George!

CHFF evaluates the Browns and the Bengals via their quality stats. Meanwhile, Carson Palmer has listed his house for sale.

Andrew Brandt lays out the players' argument in the Brady lawsuit.

John at Advanced NFL Stats considers how to improve the accuracy and usefulness of NFL stats.


Doug Farrar and Rob Rang both think Jake Locker proved himself worthy of a first-rounder at Washington's pro day yesterday.

Gil Brandt on the pro days of Utah and Washington. Plus, Steve Wyche on the makeup pro day of Ohio State D-lineman Cameron Heyward.

Bucky Brooks says Trojans T Tyron Smith impressed at USC's pro day.

Wes Bunting has Denver taking Patrick Peterson at #2 in his latest mock.

Here's the latest version of Rob Rang's big board.

Matt Bowen explains what we should look for when we evaluate safeties on film. Plus, he evaluates Buffs CB Jimmy Smith.

Joe Fortenbaugh details the comeback of Illinois LB Martez Wilson from his 2009 neck injury.

As KSK has discovered, Nolan Nawrocki is not critical only of Cam Newton, but of several other top prospects as well.

Plus, they help us get to know Huskers CB Prince Amukamara a bit better.

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