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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As Denver prepares to host its allotment of up to 30 draft prospects, Legwold explains what teams can typically glean from these visits and lists a few of the players the Broncos are expected to meet with. Aside from the hackneyed top names, Legwold shares some details on D-linemen Aldon Smith of Missouri and Allen Bailey of Miami, and linebacker Lawrence Wilson from UConn. Plus, he mentions that each organization will traditionally give the visiting players some sort of team swag as souvenirs of their trips. What do you suppose the Broncos will give out? Brain Xanders bobblehead dolls? Signed photos of Joe Ellis with G.H.W.B. and G.W.B.?

AFC West

Next, Legwold takes his shot at explaining the Broncos' apparent interest in this year's QB prospects, which goes just fine until he pulls out one of his most people in the NFL think this lines.

KOA play-by-play man and former Bronco Dave Logan has signed a contract extension to remain the voice of the team through the 2015 season; here's the press release and LJ's writeup.

Denver is scheduled to meet with Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarret (new news) and Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter (old news) at Dove Valley.

Jamaal Charles easily beat Tim Tebow in the Madden cover vote, apparently because Tebow's rabid followers didn't want him to suffer the Madden Curse.

Mike Mayock apparently said it would be an "upset" if Denver did not select Marcell Dareus at #2.

In Williamson's latest AFCW mock, he has Denver taking Dareus instead of his last choice of Da'Quan Bowers.

Canepa checks in on Norv, who isn't too ruffled by the lockout.


The NFLPA's draft event will not interfere with the draft at Radio City.

A group of former NFL players including HOFer Carl Eller and Priest Holmes have filed a lawsuit in joining with the NFLPA to try to break the lockout and maintain their own retirement benefits.

NFL Alumni head George Martin said his meeting with the NFLPA was contentious.

MJD points out that blood testing for NFL players could give teams access to all sorts of information they shouldn't be entitled to.

Alex Marvez speaks with the head of the NFL's drug testing, treatment and counseling program about the suspension of his group's services.

Andrew Brandt goes over the math of the CBA issues.

Farrar on player-led workouts.

Greg BIshop looks back at how the Redskins managed to win the Super Bowl after each of the 1982 and 1987 strike-impacted seasons.

KSK has glimpsed the future, and an extended lockout will bring some serious mayhem.


Bucs CB Aqib Talib may have been involved in a shooting.

Dez Bryant has found himself in more retail trouble, as a jeweler is suing him for non-payment of a $246,000 bill.

Mike Lombardi isn't buying the notion that Minnesota is just a QB away from contention.

Next up for Andy Benoit is the 2010 film of the Ravens and Steelers.

CHFF checks up on the 2010 stats of the Browns.

KSK translates PK's MMQB.

John Clayton responds to emails.

Chase Stuart points out that one of the main narratives of Supe 25 (wide right) is pretty ridiculous.


Including Denver, Marcell Dareus is scheduled to visit with seven of the teams picking in the top ten.

As if their bounty of picks weren't enough, Pat Kirwan says the number of teams hot for QBs could help the Pats hoard even more choices.

Wes Bunting evaluates Nova lineman Benjamin Ijalana.

Adam Rank interviewed Illinois DT Corey Liuget for NFLN yesterday.

Like Ted did last week, Wes Bunting takes a crack at a rational actor mock of the top ten picks and has Denver going with Nick Fairley.

Following his time at Athletes Performance, Farrar thinks he has more insight into how the draft will play out. In Part 1 of his latest mock, he has Denver taking Dareus at #2. Here's Part 2 with the latter half of the first round.

In his latest mock, Pat Kirwan has Denver taking Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure and Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph.

Joe Fortenbaugh examines the draft trends of the Ravens and Steelers.

Bowen thinks the Bills should go with defense at #3.


As if he hasn't won over enough fans already, VCU coach Shaka Smart's personal story will certainly garner him some more.

The Arizona D-backs' bullpen catcher will eat anything - for a price.

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