Stokley may yet return Lard 3-28-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver is reportedly among several teams to have shown interest in Bears DT Amobi Okoye, the remarkable young man who graduated from Louisville at 19 years old before the Texans drafted him 10th overall in 2007.

Meanwhile, the team may end up bringing back WR Brandon Stokley as had been rumored shortly after Denver signed Peyton Manning. DT Marcus Thomas is apparently choosing between the Broncos and two other teams, and Denver is also trying to re-sign DE Jason Hunter.


Woody Paige reminds us that Steve Young came thisclose to becoming Denver's QB in 2000.

Video of John Fox speaking at the AFC Coaches Breakfast; Doug Farrar and Mike Klis summarize Fox's comments.

Here's Adam Schefter's interview with John Elway covering the team's pursuit of Manning.

Klis says the AFCW is finally loaded again with QB talent.


Mark Rypien is the lead plaintiff in a suit against the NFL regarding its handling of head injuries; 126 ex-players are participating.

The SB Champion Giants will host the Cowboys in the 2012 season opener on Wednesday, Sep 5.

The cap penalties against Washington and Dallas were upheld unanimously, save for one abstention.

Sean Payton met with Bill Parcells yesterday to discuss a possible role with the Saints during Payton's suspension; Peter King explains why such a gig may appeal to the Tuna.

Detroit re-signed RB Kevin Smith; Atlanta retained C Todd McClure.

Among PFW's latest Audibles column are doubts that Chicago knew about Brandon Marshall's latest troubles before they traded him, plus a theory that the Jets acquired Tim Tebow to keep the Patriots from acquring him.


Andy Benoit echoes Drew Magary in smartly suggesting that instant replay be handled exclusively up in the review booth, including the ability and responsibility to decide from among all plays which should be looked at.

Mike Tanier says the Jets were already a circus pre-Tebow, and he says QB platoons have worked more often than we may recall.

Khaled Elsayed examines WR data on yards per route run, finding Demaryius Thomas among the leaders and Eddie Royal among the laggards.

Ben Muth breaks down the offensive line play of the Colts.

Bucky Brooks doesn't think Ryan Tannehill is worthy of a top-10 pick; Wes Bunting splits 4-3 ends into tiers; Greg Gabriel evaluates the top DE/LB tweeners.

Matt Bowen explains how to evaluate WRs; Chris Brown discusses the proper stance for wideouts.

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