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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Lots of Broncos-related talk in PK's MMQB today: first, he claims that both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be selected within the draft's top five picks. He then writes that all the hoopla surrounding Marcell Dareus is dying down, but that he thinks Dareus is the best pick for Denver - you know, because in between lattes he's been studying lots of film. PK also states that Dareus has indeed passed Nick Fairley "on most draft boards," and that Da'Quan Bowers has supposedly failed a couple of team physicals (not buying that one). PK also writes from both firsthand knowledge and from speaking with John Fox that John Elway has really been quite active and working hard - the usually tight-lipped (according to King) Fox was effusive in his praise for Elway, his work ethic, perspective and knowledge (basically, the Denver PR machine has turned its focus to promoting Elway as a legitimate football exec; more on that later). Finally, PK thinks there's no way the Broncos go QB at #2.


If this means anything at all (it doesn't), Joe Ellis thinks John Elway is doing a fine job and knows more than "they" thought he would know coming into his new gig, and that he's a "passionate football guy." Hmm, aren't these the things Ellis and Mr. B should have figured out before they gave Elway the keys to the car? Ellis also claims there are no hidden agendas among Elway, John Fox and Brain Xanders. You know, until Xanders goes and throws everyone under the bus...

Eisen, Dukes and Green discuss Tim Tebow, his worthiness as a starter and his mechanics on NFLN.

PFT's Gregg Rosenthal refutes much of what Woody wrote yesterday about the Broncos and the attention they've paid to QB prospects of late. He does make some good points...

Mike Rice thinks the Broncos should go with a lineman at #2 rather than Von Miller, somehow including Robert Ayers among their LB options. He also thinks Denver only has six picks (they have seven after being awarded a compensatory seventh-rounder) and that Laurence Maroney is still on the roster (he's not). Mike, are you auditioning for the DP or something?

PFW is hearing that Joe Mays is indeed going to get a long look inside for the Broncos; he may even be the tentative starting Mike.

A young woman named Noriko Kukura got even more than any of us did from SB XXXII - she found a new reason to keep on living, and now she's a professional football player.


KC is working out Colin Kaepernick, Leonard Hankerson and Andy Dalton, while the Chargers will work out Ryan Kerrigan.

Among their NFC Whispers, the Eagles would demand the #5 pick from Arizona in exchange for Kevin Kolb. That is insane.

Eagles OT Jason Peters is the latest entry on the NFL police blotter.

Tom Zbikowski is wasting no time; he's got another bout planned for next month.

Judy Battista explains why getting back to the negotiating table is much easier talked about than done.


Gil Brandt on the pro days of UConn, Syracuse and Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Greg Gabriel translates some of the pre-draft talk (lies) we hear from teams about trade possibilities and player interest. He writes that pro days are misinformation fests and that the "hometown media is always the worst" from his own experience as far as keeping secrets goes. He even cites a specific strategy he used to deploy in order to keep the local hacks guessing.

Matt Bowen explains via filmwork the ways that Cam Newton can be utilized immediately in the NFL.

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