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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Woody Paige is as perplexed as we are by the Broncos' obsession with QBs of late. Did you know the Panthers drafted THREE of them last year? Anyone still want to argue that John Fox wasn't handcuffed by a wacky organization and his own lame duck status?At the end of his column, Woody slips in that Marcell Dareus is the frontrunner at this point to be Denver's selection at #2, unless they can trade back a few spots and still get Von Miller or Patrick Peterson. Obviously there's a long way to go before the draft, but these are the sorts of things Woody is sometimes actually right about.

AFC West

Not sure how I missed this one, but John Elway apparently said, "He's matured," of Jay Cutler before the NFC Title game. Granted, this was before Elway's ascension to the top of the Broncos' food chain; more recently Elway said, "I had a great deal of respect for his playing ability. Other than that..." and apparently didn't complete the thought. That's better, John.

Denver was represented at the pro day of Tennessee State the other day, presumably to see LB Sidney Tarver.

In his first mini-mock, Klis has the Broncos selecting Von Miller at #2 after Carolina nabs a QB.

Teicher checks in on what the Chiefs' players are up to.


Doping expert Gary Wadler sees no valid excuse on the part of the players who say they're unwilling to undergo blood testing for HGH.

Tom Zbikowski has already notched another victory in the ring.

Packers DL Johnny Jolly is the latest to take advantage of the lack of a personal conduct code.

Neon Deion has turned his back on his mentee Dez Bryant. Shockingly, it seems there was some cash money involved.

Roger Goodell has a few things he could learn from David Stern.

Wes Welker and Sexy Rexy actually have a pretty good relationship, so perhaps Belichick erred in suspending the wisecracking WR?

Fran Tarkenton thinks he could get the two sides to agree to a new CBA.

Doug Farrar took a couple shots at running the 40. Wow, is all I'll say.


Here's a list of draft picks by team; the power players in the early rounds are clearly New England, San Diego and Denver.

In his Sunday column, Pompei writes that Patrick Peterson needs to become a Rod or Charles Woodson-type of player to justify being selected first overall. Plus, he calls the '83 draft class the best of all.

Some scouting/front office opinions on draft prospects via PFW.

Gil Brandt on Miami's pro day.

Fortenbaugh profiles UCLA LB Akeem Ayers.

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