Compensatory pick?! Lard 3-26-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Sorry for the extremely late (and abbreviated) Lard, folks. Went to the Sweet 16 last night, although it was not a sweet experience for my Marquette Warriors. Anyway, some nice news on the Denver front, as the Broncos were in fact awarded a compensatory pick, albeit a very late one (a seventh-rounder, #246 overall out of 253). Here's the funny? part - Denver was not awarded the choice because they lost a bunch of (or even any) significant free agents. If we read between the lines of the story on the team website, the Broncos basically got the extra pick out of sympathy for how much they sucked in 2010. I didn't know the NFL did that - did you? At least we don't have to read any more of Legwold's "Denver ONLY has six picks" stories - perhaps Klis put the kibosh on that one.


Eisen and Co. discuss Denver's options at #2 - Jamie Dukes says Marcell Dareus, while Trent Green says either Nick Fairley or Da'Quan Bowers.

Von Miller already worked out for the Broncos, but he will also be visiting their headquarters.

In case you didn't know what our new WR coach Tyke Tolbert looked like, now you do.

Tim Tebow will be doing Jockey commercials. As someone who is surrounded by non-Broncos fans at work, I can't even tell you how "exciting" this is for me...

Shockingly (really), Tebow's devotees are not getting out the vote on putting him on the cover of Madden 12 - he's getting crushed by Jamaal Charles (you know, someone who's actually accomplished something in the NFL) ZOMG!!!

Kyle Sonneman goes over some of the more notable LB draft picks in Denver history, including IAOFM's patron saint.


San Diego got two extra picks, while the Raiders got one. KC got one as well.

Williamson on the draft's top pass-rushing prospects and their likelihood of landing in the division.

Kiper and friends spoke about the Chiefs and their draft outlook.

Barret Robbins is heading to prison.


Alex Marvez says the NFLPA and retired players are hugging it out.

Andrew Brandt offers his take on the week's labor developments.

John Clayton has a few ideas for potential rules changes.

Toni Monkovic revisits Brian Burke's idea to have whoever scores a TD be responsible for kicking the ensuing extra-point attempt.

After all that drama, Dez Bryant is allowed to go to the mall again.


Here is the full draft order, compensatory picks inclusive.

What Wes Bunting has been hearing about the draft - including medical concerns on Martez Wilson.

Gil Brandt on the pro days of Arizona State, South Florida and Boise State.

Marcell Dareus appeared on ESPN's First Take.

Brandt is sticking to his story - Cam Newton could become an NFL star.

Rob Rang on the QB prospects not named Newton or Gabbert.

Bunting considers the draft worthiness of Ahmad Black.

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