Saturday didn’t feel the love from Denver Lard 3-25-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Although Jeff Saturday chose to go to Green Bay over joining Peyton Manning in Denver, it appears the writing was on the wall that the Broncos were less interested in adding Saturday than was the QB. Says Saturday:

Peyton is a close friend and I loved playing with him. I loved the time we spent together. It was the most difficult call I've ever made. I told him before anyone else that I was going to Green Bay.

I told him I don't think the Broncos wanted me as much as he did. They've got things going on that they're happy with and are moving forward with and I didn't think it was an exact fit. I always felt like in Green Bay I was their very first choice.

Saturday agreed to a two-year deal with the Packers; apparently the Colts had offered him a contract to play and then join the team's front office, but playing for the NFC's overdog trumped sticking around for a rebuild. We could speculate all day about the Broncos' apparently tepid interest, but it's impossible to know whether it was financially motivated, the team has a rosier opinion of J.D. Walton than we do, or they have plans to acquire another center via free agency or the draft.


Lindsay Jones spoke at length with Manning after his introductory presser.

The ever-flexible Mike McCoy is excited to work with Manning, and he says the Denver offense will be molded to what Peyton is familiar with, including verbiage. As Dan Pompei puts it, McCoy plans to exert his influence more on the running game than on the passing attack. Plus, Pompei lists the best Broncos players imported from elsewhere.

Obviously, John Fox can't wait to have an offense that actually scores points:

We accomplished a lot and as I told Peyton in the process, in 14 years he averaged 26 points per game and games that I have been involved with as head coach in ten years where we scored 26 points or more  were 39-3.

Mike Klis figures maybe this is finally the year the Broncos address defensive tackle in the draft, and he also thinks the team will draft a running back early, but that reads as pure speculation.

Over at, they're wondering if Denver could go after Dan Koppen or Jeff Faine to upgrade at center.

PFF's Alessandro Miglio figures Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen will be productive in Denver, and he stresses that Dreessen excels in blocking.


Former Vikings lineman Brad Culpepper says John Teerlinck used to coach techniques specifically aimed at taking out quarterbacks' knees. Yes, that's the same Teerlinck who was Denver's pass rush coach during the SB years, and that's the same Culpepper whose wife said Tim Tebow wanted to go home to Florida before he chose New Jersey, the armpit of New York.

New Orleans added ex-Falcons LB Curtis Lofton; Buffalo will retain RB Tashard Choice.

Philly is reportedly shopping CB Asante Samuel again.

FOX Sports is thinking about hiring Sean Payton for the season while he's suspended from coaching.

Stan Kroenke is among the finalists to purchase the Dodgers.

AFC and NFC Whispers via PFW.


Mike Tanier wraps up a wild week, including Manning/Tebow, the departure of Brodrick Bunkley, and Denver's acquisitions of Tracy Porter and Andre Caldwell.

Greg Cosell thinks Tim Tebow's slow delivery negates his arm strength, and he doesn't expect more performances from Tim like that of the Steelers game. Tebow is just getting acquainted with his new team, and Jets fans are already getting trolled.

Wes Bunting ranks center prospects in tiers.

Ospreys are pretty cool.

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