HGH testing? Lard 3-25-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Alex Marvez is reporting that the owners are demanding HGH testing be part of the next CBA. That word of this insistence is just slipping out now makes it seem more like a negotiating tactic than anything else, as there is still not yet a urine test for the growth hormone. While it's a wide (and safe) assumption that plenty of NFL players use the substance to illegally enhance their own performance, it's hard to imagine this bargaining chip providing much in the way of leverage until HGH testing graduates to something more reliable that does not require blood samples. Of course, it will be interesting to see if/how the players respond to this news, nonetheless...

AFC West

Klis thinks the lack of a new CBA will decrease the trade value of the #2 pick.

In his draft mailbag, Bucky Brooks speculates that some of these QB workouts by Denver could be to set up trades not for the #2 pick, but for their later choices. Plus, the #1 pick-worthiness of Patrick Peterson and Marcell Dareus' leapfrogging over Nick Fairley in so many mocks.

Mike Lombardi is sticking with his "Denver doesn't love Tim Tebow" line of thinking to explain the team's QB workouts.

Williamson on the AFCW teams' draft needs.

Here's a partial transcription of a radio interview with Philip Rivers.


Bowen thinks the players should never agree to blood testing.

Pompei says the owners are using their lowest-paid employees like human shields.

The teams that apparently had inappropriate impermissable contact with their players were the Cowboys, Browns, Niners, Dolphins and a fifth unknown organization. No word on potential penalties.

Tanier on the players' tweeting during the lockout.


Tanier ranks the all-time top 5 QBs for each NFCE franchise.

CHFF looks back at the Bears' 2010 stats and finds that it was all Cutler's fault.

The tourney bracket of Matt Hasselbeck's five-year-old kid is destroying mine (and yours, too). (via PFT)

While Jason Witten is making a special appearance in an Archie comic book, he's not the only Cowboy among the characters.

The mall in Dallas where Dez Bryant got singled out has come up with a new pants policy.


Gil Brandt details the pro days of Pitt, NC State, Lehigh, Central Florida and Nevada.

Plus, Bowen on the performance of LB Jeff Tarpinian at Iowa's pro day.

Farrar on the perception regarding Da'Quan Bowers' knee, plus a statement from the player's agent.

Wes Bunting on the importance of arm length as relates to offensive tackle prospects.

Plus, he thinks Alex Wujciak of Maryland would be a good fit as an inside backer in a 3-4.

Here's video of Farrar's interview with Travelle Gaines, who is training Bowers and T.O., among others.

Stephen Paea will work out for scouts next week.

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