Broncos hold cards on Manning contract Lard 3-23-12

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Mike Florio claims to have dug up the details on Peyton Manning's contract, and if he's correct, it's even more team-friendly than was previously thought:

  1. Manning is guaranteed $18M this season as the form of a base salary, with $6M of it in the form of an advance (not a signing bonus).
  2. Contrary to (or adding to?) what Mike Klis and Andrew Brandt have previously reported, Florio says Manning's guaranteed $20M salaries for 2013 and 2014 kick in only if he is on the roster on the final day of the 2012 league year, meaning the Broncos could conceivably cut Peyton before he takes his exit physical to close that league year. Put simply, this is in essence a one-year deal and Denver can cut Manning up to two days before the 2013 league year starts, similar to the option the Colts recently held.
  3. Denver can escape that 2014 salary of $20M if, and only if, Manning suffers a recurrence to his specific neck injury during the 2013 season.
  4. Manning's $19M salaries for 2015 and 2016 will each be guaranteed if he is on the roster on the final day of each preceding league year

In other words, the Broncos truly hold the cards on whether to keep Manning after each of the 2012, 2014, and 2015 seasons. Prior reporting had framed these not as choices, but as being solely dependent upon Peyton passing his physicals. After the 2013 season, Denver can cut Peyton if he suffers a setback regarding his neck.

Considering Manning's stature and his lengthy list of suitors, it's a remarkable deal and should make clear that Peyton chose Denver for non-financial reasons. He likely easily could have gotten more guarantees from the Broncos, or any other team, for that matter.


New WR Andre 'Bubba' Caldwell says the signing of Manning helped convince him to come to Denver; former CSU Ram TE Joel Dreesen visited yesterday and is said to be making his choice between coming to Denver and staying in Houston this morning. Jeff Saturday also visited yesterday after having met with the Packers and Titans; no word yet on the likelihood of him signing. Bubba, the younger of Reche 'Plates' Caldwell, can return punts and kicks, but says he has a long way to go to become the receiver he'd like to be.

The departure of Spencer Larsen to New England is indicative not only of the Manning-ification of Denver's offense (they're unlikely to carry a true fullback with Peyton at QB), but also of the disappearing role of fullbacks leaguewide.

Albert Breer says John Elway has restored the Broncos' organizational swagger.

Tim Tebow will sign a new contract today that acknowledges the financial agreement between the Broncos and Jets, and he will officially become a Jet tomorrow and be introduced as such on Monday. Why did he end up commanding such little value on the trade market? Dave Krieger explains it, along with the fuzzy logic of Tebowmaniacs, perhaps better than has anyone else. The DP has commemorated the signing of Manning and the departure of Tebow with new desktop paper dolls. Legendary hate mongerer Pat Robertson chimed in on Tebow/Manning.


De Smith was reaffirmed as head of the NFLPA; Denver favorite Domonique Foxworth is expected to become its new president; Jason Cole says the league's cap penalties against Dallas and Washington are clearly collusive on the part of the owners, and the players had no recourse.

Some dumbass senator wants to hold a hearing regarding bounties in the NFL; DC Steve Spagnuolo and OC Pete Carmichael are among the coaches who may stand in for Sean Payton this year. So, what happens if they do really well?

KC re-signed LB Jovan Belcher and hosted CB Chris Carr; Michael Bush left Oakland for Chicago, and Matt Forte is less than thrilled.

The Jets are looking to trade the newly-signed Drew Stanton, who wants out after the arrival of Tebowmania.

Tom Brady reworked his deal to free up some cap space, while the Pats re-signed WR Deion Branch.

Ted Ginn re-upped in San Francisco; Cincy re-signed Pacman Jones; Tampa Bay cut old friend Tim Crowder.


Mike Tanier applauds the Jags' offseason and ranks all-time Bears running backs.

Wes Bunting ranks OT prospects in tiers; Jonathan Bales evaluates Clemson TE Dwayne Allen.

Greg Gabriel chimes in on LSU's pro day; CB Morris Claiborne says he tore a ligament in his wrist.

More from Gabriel on the pro days of Andrew Luck and RG3; Doug Farrar says Luck was brilliant.

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