QB Wonderlic Lard 3-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Luis DeLoureiro took an interesting look back at some of the more notable Wonderlic scores both high and low among quarterbacks. While there have certainly been some QBs who did poorly on the Wonderlic but excelled in the pros, it seems that guys with better scores have generally turned out to be better NFL signalcallers. For the record, Tim Tebow scored a below-average 22, Kyle Orton notched an above-average 26, while Brady Quinn posted an impressive 29. Depending upon who you ask, John Elway scored either a 30 or a 29.


Chris Hall spoke with John Elway and Brain Xanders at the owners meetings for Broncos TV. Xanders quote of the day: "We all get along together."

After also talking with Elway, Klis shares more thoughts on why the FO has been scouting all the top QB prospects. Here's the earlier version of the same story.

Notes from Klis: Denver is not interested in Tiki Barber, while as of today the starting LBs would be DJ Williams, Joe Mays and Mario Haggan.

Williamson seems to think the Broncos could get a compensatory pick, but frankly I have no idea for whose loss that would be. 

AFC West

Yesterday would have marked the beginning of KC's offseason conditioning program sans lockout.

Acee figures the Chargers and Pats could deal come draft day, as each team is loaded with high picks.

San Diego expects a couple of late compensatory picks for free agents lost last year.

Typical of egomaniac extraordinaire AJ Smith, the Chargers GM actually volunteered to be part of the labor negotiations.

McDonald on how the proposed kickoff changes would affect Oakland.

While the Bucs are expected to be featured in the next season of Hard Knocks, the Raiders are apparently in the running.


Well, well - although the NFL claims to have given the players 70% of their incremental revenue increases over the past several years, the number was apparently only 53%.

As expected, the NFL is trying to claim that the NFLPA's decertification was a sham and they shouldn't be allowed to halt the lockout.

Judy Battista on the latest.

Jason Cole tries to rile everyone up again.


Marty may be joining Jerry Glanville in the UFL.

The next Madden cover guy will be determined by a vote on SportsNation - perhaps the more devout followers of Tim Tebow will make him the one?

Brandon Meriweather's lawyer says the Pats safety was merely a peacekeeper in the murky Florida shooting last month.

In his MMQB, PK describes going to prison with Michael Vick and says he's sure that Carson Palmer is serious about retiring. KSK translates.

MJDDon Banks and John Clayton on the proposed kickoff changes.

Matt Bowen and Mike Lombardi on the Eagles' reasons to trade Kevin Kolb.

Adam Rank lists the best QBs acquired via trade. Naturally, The Greatest Ever tops the list.

Here's what Andy Benoit saw from reviewing 2010 game tapes of the Cowboys and the G-Men.

John at Advanced NFL Stats continues his list of the most exciting games from 2010 with Packers/Dolphins.


Gil Brandt details the pro days of Temple, Iowa, Michigan and North Dakota State.

Cincy, Minnesota and Miami are expected to meet with QB Ryan Mallett.

Patrick Peterson isn't sure if he'll attend the draft. Meanwhile, Adam Rank interviewed Peterson.

Wes Bunting ranks the top draft prospects in tiers, with three guys expected to become among the best at their respective positions - Patrick Peterson, AJ Green and Julio Jones.

Matt Bowen goes to the film to check out AJ Green versus press coverage.

Bunting on mammoth Virginia Union lineman David Mims.

Brandt profiles Abilene Christian WR Edmond Gates.

Kirwan on the Pats' warchest of draft picks.

Plus, Kirwan examines the draft needs of the NFC East, NFC North and AFC North teams.

Meanwhile, Joe Fortenbaugh examines the recent draft trends of the AFC East squads.

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