Brady Quinn gave up $500K to escape Tebowmania Lard 3-19-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Is today the day? Let's just save ourselves the stress and assume it's not - how about that?

According to Mike Klis, the team has not heard from Peyton Manning since Friday's van chase and workout. Klis says Tim Tebow will be Denver's starting QB, potentially backed up by Josh Johnson or Dennis Dixon, if Manning chooses to sign elsewhere. Jeff Legwold says the Broncos are fine with waiting for Peyton to make his decision (not that they have a choice).

As for the Titans, it's expected they would release Matt Hasselbeck if they were to sign Manning, unless they were somehow able to work a trade for him.

Down in Miami, Dave Hyde is bummed his town lost out to Arizona and Tennessee in the Manning race. Meanwhile, the Dolphins hosted Alex Smith yesterday and talked terms, and the team will host David Garrard today, who is scheduled to visit the Rams after that.

If Manning ends up in Denver or Tennessee, and Smith heads to Miami, the Niners could end up going with Colin Kaepernick (Denver) or Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee) a season after going 13-3 with Smith and taking down the Saints in an impressive playoff win. Of course, Kaepernick - who was a second-round pick in 2011 - would be welcoming to such a scenario.

Peter King also thinks Hasselbeck could go to San Francisco, but he doesn't want to guess where Manning is going, because he says it's true that nobody really knows. Apparently King hasn't spoken to any Denver fans, because he thinks he's the only person who would vouch for the Broncos keeping Tebow if they sign Manning, and he says he wouldn't give up Timmy for anything less than a third-rounder if he were them. PK acknowledges Denver was the prohibitive favorite to sign Peyton a week ago, but he doesn't see it as a bad thing for them that the QB hasn't yet announced a decision.

King calls this a factoid, but in Broncosland it reads like something much bigger:

How much did Brady Quinn want out of the Denver quarterback-go-round? So much, I hear, that he turned down an offer of $2 million from the Broncos and accepted a one-year, $1.5-million deal in Kansas City.

Score it Tebowmania 3, Kyle Orton 0, Matt Flynn 0, Brady Quinn 0. Who's next?

According to PK, Smith was going to test the waters even before the Niners jumped in on Manning, and he reminds us that Josh Johnson played for Jim Harbaugh in college. King suggests that if the Niners whiff on both Manning and Smith, they could spend their remaining cap room on trying to acquire Steelers WR Mike Wallace.

Andy Benoit thinks sending Tebow to Miami wouldn't make much sense, since such a move would only be "great for jersey sales in May-August, but not for games in September-December. Tebow fits Philbin’s system like a glove fits a foot." Benoit thinks signing Flynn is a worthwhile gamble for Seattle, but he finds it interesting that Joe Philbin's new team wouldn't match the Seahawks' contract offer. He also is surprised that Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell were so quick to take backup gigs, and he expects BLloyd to light it up with the Pats.

In typical Woody Paige fashion, the self-anointed Grand Poobah of Denver sports thinks the team wil owe him and us fans an explanation for pursuing one of the greatest QBs of all time. Woody hath decided that Brandon Weeden is not worthy of a first- or second-rounder, and it's apparently a demerit that Weeden is older than Tebow. To boot, Paige laughs off the Mike Adams signing by confusing the safety with Brandon Meriweather. How cute, and stay classy, Woody.


Denver re-signed Joe Mays to a three-year deal with what appears to be a $4M guaranteed salary in 2012; Mays learned of the deal while awaiting takeoff on a plane bound for Indianapolis, where he had been scheduled to visit the Colts. This is something of a surprising development, as Mays was a two-down linebacker in 2011 and will be earning starter-type money with Denver after the team had visited with free agents Geno Hayes and Jameel McClain. Either those two were too rich for the Broncos' blood, or Jack Del Rio thinks he can vastly improve Mays's tackling and maybe even his pass coverage skills.

Nick Foles will be working out at Arizona's pro day today; no word on whether EFX™ will be present.


Matt Flynn will get $10M in guarantees as part of a three-year deal with Seattle; Doug Farrar and Matt Bowen react.

Arizona released G Rex Hadnot; Pittsburgh restructured NT Casey Hampton's contract.

Bowen says the addition of Brandon Lloyd in New England will create plenty of matchup issues.

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