Pen pal Roger Lard 3-18-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Roger Goodell has crafted another letter; this time it went to the players individually. It lays out the offer the owners presented last Friday; naturally, it's just another PR move to rile up the fans. In response, Seahawks lineman Chester Pitts is apparently reporting the commish to his email provider for spam. Whatever. It's March, we're six months away from the start of the season, and there's great hoops on all day. Enjoy!


It didn't help their cause, but John Fox hustled back to Denver to catch Wofford's game against Jimmer & Company; plus, Fox was interviewed briefly by a frightful looking Leslie Visser.

Mike Rice thinks the Broncos must go front 7 if they stay at #2 rather than go for a DB, and perhaps should take a WR at some point.

Williamson thinks Elvis Dumervil is the Broncos' best draft choice of the last five years; I'll go with Ryan Clady. He calls Alphonso Smith their worst, just "beating" Jarvis Moss; I'll flip those two. What do you think?

Brian Billick thinks the Broncos may go defense at #2. Really.

Sacco looks back to the longest TD reception in Denver history.

Tim Tebow apparently works himself into a pregame frenzy via The Chairman of the Board. Oh my.

AFC West

Chargers LB Kevin Burnett has some harsh words for the commish.

Farrar interviewed Eric Berry - Part 1 and Part 2.

Stay classy Oakland, Part 1 - OT Mario Henderson was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed firearm.

Stay classy Oakland, Part 2 - The city of Oak Town paid a Niners fan over $400K after one of their policemen broke the fan's arm at a preseason game between the 49ers and Raiders.


Mike Silver reacts to the hilarious claims from his readership that NFL owners are acting like capitalists.

Farrar analyzes the implications of Roger Goodell's letter to the players.

Jason Cole on the ridiculous PR tour of guys like Joe Banner (and Joe Ellis).

KSK has seeded 64 lockout cliches for the makings of a brutal bracket.


Mike Lombardi thinks the proposed changes to kickoffs go too far in changing the game for the sake of safety.

Pompei reacts to the proposed rule changes.

Bowen wonders, "What about Vince Young?"

John at Advanced NFL Stats is reviewing the most exciting games of 2010; first up is Bears/Lions.

Meanwhile, Andy Benoit next covers the 2010 Lions.

Jay Cutler is a Twinkie. No, really.


Greg Gabriel provides an excellent, detailed comparison of Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus; he says Fairley is the more explosive and dominant player, but Dareus is more consistent and disciplined. Gabriel writes that as time goes on and he hears more about Fairley's character (maturity, mental toughness), he is leaning more and more towards Dareus despite Fairley's higher upside.

Wes Bunting focuses on the 10-yard split times of the leading pass rushers in the draft.

Here are the Wonderlic scores of some notable QB prospects.

Simon Samano of NFLN interviewed Marcell Dareus and Prince Amukamara.

Gil Brandt writes that Blaine Gabbert showed great accuracy at Missouri's pro day, which was attended by the Broncos' brass. Plus, how Gabbert's teammates fared.

Don Banks on Gabbert's performance.

Brandt details Illinois' pro day.

A lineman from CO School of the Mines put up 52 reps on the bench.

Dan Pompei on the growing importance of safeties in today's game, and the alternatives to drafting one high.


GQ ranked the worst fans in all of sports; hard for me to argue with much of it.

Chris Brown theorizes on the Florida version of Charlie Weis' offense.

If you had Morehead State outright over Louisville yesterday, you get 100 gold stars.

Florida's population grew 17.6%!!!!! last decade; people must have been moving down there to watch Tebow.

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