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Happy Tourney Day and St. Patrick's Day, Broncos fans! Enjoy your green beers, and may the sun shine on your brackets! I realize I'm a lot late in doing this, but I just created a bracket group on ESPN called IAOFM, if you're interested. Of course, we only have until 12:15pm ET to fill it out. Best of luck!

I'm experimenting with a new section today called Scrapple (I know, running out of gluttony-related terms) which will go outside the football realm. Some of it will be reads I find interesting, and others will just be for a good laugh (don't worry - no politics). Hopefully you'll like it; if not and it's a waste of your time and mine, please let me know!

AFC West

Miami defensive lineman Allen Bailey is expected to visit with the Broncos soon.

Woody responds to labor questions in his mailbag; plus, while he still thinks the Broncos will trade down from #2, he would take Patrick Peterson given the choice between him and Nick Fairley.

Jimmer and Tebow similar? Naturally, the DP dances around the real reasons (hyper-religious, dominant white guys) they parallel each other.

Sacco tried to write about the Broncos' successes in drafting wide receivers; unfortunately he couldn't think of many. Either that, or he didn't want to mention Brandon Marshall and The Vance for some reason; perhaps it was their rap sheets?

Rulon Jones, I sure hope you were well paid to appear in this video with Phil Simms. And dude, about that hairdo...(Hat tip to our long-suffering friend Green & White of NJ)

Corkran foresees a much tougher schedule for the Raiders in 2011 than they had in 2010.

Williamson lists the complete coaching staffs of every AFCW team.


The NFL wants Judge Doty to keep the details of their TV ransom money case under seal. Gee, I wonder why?

Richard Sandomir on the efforts of NFLN to show objectivity in covering the labor dispute, plus the decision for players of whether to appear on it or not.

Mike Silver explains why the NFLPA's talk of skipping the draft is all fair game. Again - who cares whether they show up or not? Don't know about you, but I'd be watching the draft if all it consisted of were a soundless crawl...

Andrew Brandt goes over the latest developments.

Farrar on the possibility of players skipping out to play in other leagues.


Chad Johnson is just getting around to paying some clothing bills from two years ago. Plus, he's trying out for an MLS team.

Aaron Schatz considers the interesting ramifications of potentially moving the kickoff to the 35 and touchbacks to the 25. However, Kirwan thinks the proposed change would make kickoffs less exciting. Matt Bowen feels the same way. Finally, Clayton says the new rules are likely to pass.

Naturally, Bowen (a former safety) dislikes the idea of suspending players for dangerous hits.

Schatz shares some goodies from FO's 2010 play charting, in the form of cornerback data.

Andy Benoit continues his film analysis with the 2010 Bears.


Bucky Brooks thinks it's important that a team choosing between Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton strongly considers scheme fit in their decision.

Von Miller, who already worked out for Denver, has six more workouts lined up.

Legwold thinks Miller's pass-rush skills make him a surer bet than Aaron Curry was two years ago - you know, when Brain Xanders wanted to take Clay Matthews.

Denver is one of seven teams currently expected to hold private workouts with Da'Quan Bowers.

Meanwhile, the Panthers will audition Blaine Gabbert this weekend.

Details on the pro days of Kansas State, Florida State

Wes Bunting has the Broncos going with Patrick Peterson in his latest mock draft.

Part 1 and Part 2 of Farrar's latest mock, in which he has the Broncos selecting Patrick Peterson at #2 - he figures Denver can nab the DL help they need later on.

Williamson goes over the AFCW picks in Todd McShay's latest mock, which has Denver taking Von Miller.

Don Banks says Blaine Gabbert has a lot to prove come his pro day.

Bunting thinks Cameron Jordan of Cal would be a great fit for 3-4 defenses in the NFL.

New Era Scouting has already posted their Top 50 players for the 2012 Draft.


Nate Silver explains why it sucks to be an 8 or 9 seed in the Tourney - in fact, it's better to be an 11 or 12, or even a 15, if your goal is to reach the Sweet 16 and beyond.

Buffs fans (and those of other snubees), here is the only logical explanation as to why the Buffs didn't make the Dance and so many seedings are screwy.

The Broncos' most famous? fans have a new musical debuting on Broadway.

Everyone knows that genetics play a part in one's physique; apparently they also help determine how a person's body responds to exercise, and even the desire to exercise!

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