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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Lots of interesting Broncos-related stuff from Dan Pompei in his Sunday column - he thinks the Bills and Vikings have significant interest in Cam Newton - hopefully this would translate into a nice trade for Denver if Minnesota wants to then leapfrog Buffalo from the 12th spot? Mr. Wilf, perhaps we'll take your second-rounder this year and your first-rounder next year, thank you very much! If not, then we could squeeze a nice pick out of Buffalo for them to move up one spot and keep Minnesota at bay. Pompei is also hearing serious concerns surrounding the health of Da'Quan Bowers' surgically-repaired knee. Plus, he can foresee big bucks for Marc Bulger with the Cards or Niners and Kevin Kolb in Seattle (taking a couple of Kyle Orton trade options out of the picture).

Finally, Pompei has Denver taking Marcell Dareus in his mock draft and lists his favorite NFL unretirement stories, including Tommy Maddox (whom Dan Reeves drafted after his sophomore season instead of Carl Pickens as John Elway was entering his age 32 season). Another of Pompei's favorites is Gary Zimmerman, who didn't come back for the Broncos' first SB win until Elway rode up to Sturgis to go get him (or of course, Zim just wanted to go to Sturgis before suffering the rigors of training camp).

PS. You turned your clocks forward, right?

AFC West

Joe Ellis has enlisted Klis and the DP to spread his fiery rhetoric. Plus, an earlier version.

Klis provides a timeline for the last year in Broncos Land and lists Denver's 2011 player salaries that top $1 million. I wonder why he did the latter? Perhaps Ellis put him up to it to try to stem any pro-union feelings among the readership?

Meanwhile, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has a much more levelheaded view of the current state of affairs. Makes one wish someone like Hunt was running the show in Denver rather than Ellis...

Teicher considers how the lockout may affect the progression of Matt Cassel. Meanwhile, KC is reportedly going to hold a private workout with TCU QB Andy Dalton.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos is somewhere in the middle, although he's pointing his finger at the NFLPA's lawyers rather than the players.

San Diego's center and union rep Nick Hardwick is feeling fine about what's going on.


Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash have cut their salaries to $1. Surely they'll get theirs once a new deal is agreed upon...

Judy Battista summarizes the latest happenings, including the NFL's addition of a couple big-time lawyers to their team.

Richard Sandomir looks back at the impactful history of the Minneapolis federal court on NFL labor issues.

Tanier checks in on some of the more interesting labor-related player tweets.


In his Sunday column, Gary Myers writes that free agency could become a real free-for-all with franchise tags voided, and he could see Peyton Manning getting $25 million per year from perhaps the Jets. Makes sense, being that the Green & White of NJ have a crappy QB. Plus, the players are free to do as they want, with the drug, steroids and conduct policies all suspended. Suppose we'll have to start a police blotter section of the Lard. What to call it?

One-liners from PFT.

Wes Bunting shares some of the latest draft rumors he's been hearing.

Gil Brandt details the pro days of Georgia Tech, Arizona, Kent State, Southern Miss, Louisville, West Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

Only took 1m45s for Tom Zbikowkski to win his second career bout.

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