Decertified Lockout Lard 3-12-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Well, here we are. The NFLPA decertified yesterday evening, the owners made it sound like they had met the players halfway (halfway from what?) and the players filed suit to block a potential lockout. The owners for a few hours portrayed themselves as still willing to negotiate, fans raged on Twitter, and then the owners moved forward with their lockout. Look, this is not about "feeling bad" for anyone. Yes, we're talking about a sport here, albeit one we all love dearly. But the players (who we turn on the TV to see) and the owners (who represent nothing to us as fans) are business partners and neither can thrive without the other. But the owners have not treated the players as such, and their public stance of having tried to meet the players in the middle is laughable, to say the least. How can anyone believe them when they're playing with imaginary numbers? Until the NFL opens up its books to the players, nothing is going to get done, nor should it...


Roger Goodell wrote a letter to fans.

Doug Farrar reacts to the decertification and the lockout. Plus, he writes that Judge Doty may have telegraphed his next decision within his last one.

So does Andrew Brandt.

Jason Cole expects that free agency will only be delayed by a few weeks.

Mike Silver says the owners' treatment of the players throughout the negotiation process turned everything contentious.

It took long enough, but Peter King has apparently finally educated himself and hopefully will no longer be shilling for the owners.

Don Banks isn't shocked by any of what's happened, while Jim Trotter is alarmed by the lack of trust present.

NFLN legal analyst Gabe Feldman answered some questions about the goings on; I must say - it was refreshing to see/hear objective legal talk on NFLN last night.

Not that he's saying to feel bad for them, but Farrar points out that not all NFL players are millionaires.

Bill Rhoden wonders if the players can maintain their unity.

Hmm. Looks like Jack Bechta may have less time to write, so he can hang onto his own clientele.

Fortenbaugh thinks we fans should just drop football.


Mason thinks the decert/lockout will harm the Broncos more than most teams.

Williamson weighs the pros and cons of starting Tim Tebow and actually comes up with the right call.

Kyle Sonneman on some of the more notable defensive backs drafted by Denver.

Here's video of Nate Solder lighting up Broncos college scouting director Matt Russell. (via Williamson)

Joe Ellis released a statement yesterday on the CBA happenings.

Elvis Dumervil's agent Gary Wichard succumbed to cancer yesterday; he has been under investigation for improprieties relating to recruiting college players (and was suspended by the NFLPA). Doom had kind words for his late agent.

AFC West

Acee gets the reaction to the labor strife from some Chargers players.

The Raiders have removed images of their players from the borders of their homepage. Not sure if the Broncos used to have them on their site, but if so they're also gone.

McDonald on how the lockout could impact the Raiders.


Cris Collinsworth and others were adrift in the Ohio River last night while dining.

One-liners via PFT.

Matt Bowen breaks down Tom Brady's dismantling of the Bears' defense in 2010.

Wow. Apparently the folks in Taiwan are onto Dan Snyder's act. This is spectacular...

KSK continues their fantastic mock drafts with their ideal celebrity neighbors.


Mike Mayock shares his top 32 players for the draft, topped by Marcell Dareus and including 20 defenders and 14 defensive linemen.

Here are Wes Bunting's potential WR steals.

Under Armour shared with Farrar some of the data they collected at the Combine via their new compression shirt.

What of Da'Quan Bowers' health?

Gil Brandt on Andy Dalton's performance at TCU's pro day.

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