Statuesque Lard 3-11-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! What a shame. It appears Tim Tebow will have a statue erected in his honor at the Gators' stadium before John Elway gets one outside the stadium THAT HE BUILT. Who knows - perhaps Mr. B has offered to have one created to honor Elway and The Greatest Ever was embarrassed by the idea. And maybe Elway specifically didn't want one because he knew he'd someday be either running the team and/or owning it, so perhaps he thought it would be a bit tacky to have a statue of himself outside his 'office'. Whatever the explanation, Mr. B should still have gone ahead and put up a worthy tribute to John Elway the football player. After all, without Elway would Bowlen have his shiny publicly-subsidized stadium that's named for a company that engaged in market timing?


With Denver's brass looking on, Von Miller ran about a 4.5-second forty at Texas A&M's pro day.

Legwold says John Fox has been more present than other head coaches in this year's scouting process. Plus, Da'Quan Bowers did not participate in Clemson's pro day.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the parallels between the Broncos' current state of affairs and John Fox's first year in Carolina? I know, we've got another six months of these...

Harvey Steinberg waived Perrish Cox's right to a preliminary hearing after the judge denied the request to keep that hearing closed to the public and media.

DJ Williams has lost his license to drive. Busy day for Harvey in Broncos Land...

Legwold offers an explanation as to why safeties don't typically get drafted that highly despite the impact of guys like Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed.

Another member of the gang responsible for Darrent Williams' death is heading off to prison, forever.

AFC West

Williamson reviews the draft needs of the AFCW teams.

With the Chargers' slew of early picks in mind, Acee wonders if San Diego might be interested in moving up within the first round of the draft.


NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash brought back the public rhetoric that's been thankfully missing from the CBA talks, and DeMaurice Smith turned around in his commute to respond.

The lovely back and forth continued in the Twittersphere later on. Plus, Judy Battista's report on the talks.

Despite all of yesterday's rancor, Andrew Brandt still doesn't see this turning into a legal battle.

Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis were finally back at the negotiating table yesterday. How can anyone believe the owners are really serious about coming to an agreement when the co-chairman of the freaking labor committee is absent for much of these talks?

Peter King considers a scenario in which free agency could arrive before a new labor deal.


Pat Williams is going to appeal the latest StarCaps ruling, while Kevin Williams will not.

Old and oft-reused football helmets will be phased out in order to help protect youth players.

Chris Johnson says he'll go run track if there's a lockout.

CHFF on the odd nature of the speculation surrounding Brandon Meriweather, and his negative image. Two weeks later, the police are interested in speaking with Meriweather.


In examining the first-round defensive prospects, Greg Gabriel says Nick Fairley can fit anywhere on the line and within any scheme, the first such lineman he's ever seen.

Farrar goes in depth on Marcell Dareus and Fairley.

Bucky Brooks takes a post-Combine look at the top defensive backs and says every team has to consider Patrick Peterson.

Brooks also examines the top offensive tackle prospects.

Gil Brandt details the pro days of Oklahoma, Portland State, Oregon, CalNebraska and Mississippi State.

Wes Bunting figures that heading to Washington to work with the Shanahans would be the best route for Cam Newton's future.

Meanwhile, Pompei considers the factor of Newton's relative lack of experience.

Bunting also wonders if UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers will end up being a draft steal.

In his report from Wisconsin's pro day, Don Banks writes that Carolina may not be enamored enough with Blaine Gabbert to take him at #1, even though Panthers GM Marty Hurney may be the only guy in Carolina who thinks Jimmy Clausen doesn't suck.

Pat Kirwan shares some chats he had with Jeff George 3 Ryan Mallett.

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