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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yahoo's Jason Cole is reporting that the NFL and the players' union have agreed to the structure of a new rookie wage scale, in which first-rounders' contracts would be limited to four years in length. There would also apparently be a cap on the signing bonuses and guarantees given, and contracts for players drafted beyond the first round would be limited to three years (which would be followed by restricted free agency). Assuming Cole's report is correct, this is unquestionably good news for the Broncos - it will allow them to either select a player at #2 and not be hamstrung by a massive guarantee, or trade the pick, which would now be more attractive thanks to those same financial restraints.


In his latest mailbag, Woody writes that John Fox isn't yet sold on Tim Tebow and that he doesn't like young QBs. However, Woody says the Broncos' FO is covering their butts in case there's a shortened offseason and he expects that Tebow will be the starter and Kyle Orton will be traded if there's a full offseason. You know how I feel...

Does Legwold know anything about John Fox's style of defense? Appears the answer is no.

John Elway, John Fox and Brain Xanders were in attendance for the Alabama pro day yesterday to see Marcell Dareus and are headed to Texas A&M today to see Von Miller.

During a drill at the Buffs' pro day, CU tackle Nate Solder destroyed Broncos scouting director Matt Russell. More on the Broncos' visit to CU's pro day from Legwold.

The lawyer for every Bronco in trouble with the law Perrish Cox (Harvey Steinberg) is trying to keep information on the player's case out of the public eye.

On NFLN, Trent Green said he thinks Kyle Orton should be the Broncos' starting QB, while everyone's favorite analyst Jamie Dukes says he's hearing Denver is leaning toward Tebow.

In PFT's draft visits/private workouts page, Sooners RB DeMarco Murray is the lone Denver entry so far; he's scheduled to meet with them sometime in the next week.

The greatest running back in postseason history served his own BBQ sauce at a food bank yesterday.

Sacco looks back at the Broncos' finest defensive back draftees, which remarkably does not include Willie Middlebrooks, Alphonso Smith, Jeremy LeSueur or Chris Watson. No, you weren't dreaming - Shanny really did draft a guy (Watson in 1999) in the third round from his own alma mater who he had never seen play until the kid sent in a videotape of himself. Perhaps Secret Squirrel Shanny should have just gone down the street to check out Joey Porter, who went but six slots after Watson. I know, the logic behind this game is dubious at best, but it's fun sometimes...

AFC West

Jerry McDonald on old/new Raiders DC Chuck Bresnahan.

Robert Gallery isn't going to trash the Raiders on his way out.


The players' union has asked Judge Doty to unseal more information relating to their dispute with the NFL over TV money.

DeMaurice Smith said the players will not accept an 18-game schedule, although according to sources the topic hasn't been discussed very much in the negotiations. Plus, there's potential for another, lengthier extension for the talks.

Andrew Brandt points out that the NFLPA has already had a good amount of access (although not enough) to the NFL's financial information as per the old CBA.

Jason Cole says the potential for the labor dispute to end up in court is a reporter's dream, with all sorts of juicy info becoming likely hit the public record.


The Falcons have extended the contract of GM Tom Dimitroff.

There are allegations floating around that Pats safety Brandon Meriweather shot two people in Florida last month.

Pat White is hanging up his baseball spikes.

Doesn't sound like there's going to be much interest in the Tiki show.

Mike Lombardi shares some thoughts on Cam Newton, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Tiki and VY.

Luis DeLoureiro details his trip to the MIT Sports Analytics Conference, which I'd love to get to someday.

KSK is bored to tears by some of the stuff being reported about the NFL these days, including a ridiculous tweet from LJ.


Bunting offers an in-depth comparison of Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley; ultimately he feels (like Ted does) that Fairley has greater potential to be a dominant player.

Bucky Brooks takes a post-Combine look at the top WR prospects.

Cam Newton is scheduled to perform private workouts for at least eight different teams.

Matt Bowen has Fairley going one and Da'Quan Bowers to the Broncos in his mock top ten.

In his latest mock, Charley Casserley has Denver taking Marcell Dareus at #2 and calls him the best defensive lineman in the draft.

Williamson on Kiper's latest mock, which has Denver getting Nick Fairley at #2.

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