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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The more we learn about the Perrish Cox rape trial, the worse it gets. According to the testimony of Demaryius Thomas, Cox had carried the unconscious alleged victim into a bedroom before suggesting she was "ready" for sex. Thomas testified that he took Cox's words to mean the woman was "ready" for Thomas, not for Cox; hopefully that's the truth, and Thomas didn't walk out with the knowledge that Cox was planning to take advantage of the woman. From

"I wanted to have sex with her but I didn't," Thomas testified. "We hadn't done nothing before. I wasn't going to try nothing that night because she had been drinking. She had got drunk."

Cassius Vaughn is expected to add his testimony today as another witness for the prosecution.

Mike Klis finds it noteworthy that Thomas and Wesley Woodyard both were interested in the same woman (the alleged victim), and he led off his blog entry with "Boys will be boys." No matter the intent of the words - and he's referring to romantic interest, not the alleged rape - that is a remarkably poor choice of words.


Hmm, is Willis McGahee seeking a raise from the $3M he made last season ($1M in salary, the rest in bonus) as part of a four-year, $9.5M deal? Well, he dumped his agent Drew Rosenhaus, if that's any indication.

Jeff Legwold revisits the long string of Denver's failed draft choices along the defensive line, although his useless measure of the players is whether they made the Pro Bowl. In what world is a quality player only one who makes the Pro Bowl? How about writing that Marcus Thomas has been a useful player (but probably not worth the slew of picks dealt to acquire him), and that the rest did essentially nothing for the Broncos?

Deadspin, SOB, and SportsGrid on the Tebow/Swift summit, plus SOB provides an image of what a potential lovechild would look like.

Von Miller tells Cortland Finnegan he's a dickhead who doesn't qualify as a hipster in KSK's riff on Portlandia.


A deal has been reached to build a new stadium for the Vikings on the site of the Metrodome in time for the 2016 season.

New Orleans and Drew Brees are reportedly still far apart on a new deal, so the Saints will likely tag their QB; Baltimore is expected to use their franchise tag on RB Ray Rice tomorrow.

Jason Cole says it's still unclear whether the Chargers will use their tag on WR Vincent Jackson; Kevin Acee says Mike Tolbert figures to be the best running back to hit free agency.

Pittsburgh will release WR Hines Ward after 14 seasons with the team; Mike Freeman thinks Ward should hang em up.

The Jets are reportedly interested in signing QB Chad Henne and bringing back WR Braylon Edwards.

Peyton Hillis is looking for his fourth agent in just over a year after parting ways with Kennard McGuire. Shouldn't be a problem since he's such a hard-working kid with a good head on his shoulders, raised right, from a good home and community, and SO much football intelligence.

Shanny and the Skins apparently plan to add a big-name wideout via free agency.

The Cards and Saints will face off in the preseason-opening HOF game.

Bill Polian will join ESPN's football coverage, if his ego can fit in the same room as those belonging to Chris Berman and Bill Parcells.

Cattle Call

Wes Bunting lists the offensive players who did the most in Indy to help their prospects.

Don Banks and John Clayton wrap up the Combine; Jack Bechta shares some ideas to help improve it.

The centers formerly of Michigan and Ohio State got into a catfight.

If you ask me, watching a three-year-old imitating the Combine drills is WAY more entertaining than the actual thing.


Jason Cole examines the continuing struggle for minority coaches to land NFL gigs.

PFF surveys the offseason needs of the Packers, Lions, Bears, and Vikings; Josh Katzowitz lists top free agent linebackers.

Bill Barnwell thinks Houston never should have allowed Mario Williams to reach free agency, calling the decision a mistake of the same magnitude as Philly failing to lock up Reggie White.

Mike Tanier suggests some new homes for Hillis, Marques Colston, Cortland Finnegan, Bart Scott; Andrew Brandt considers the options for some more top FA wideouts.

Andy Barall isn't buying the HOF case of Kenny Stabler.

Jose Canseco now wishes he hadn't written Juiced.

Drew Magary explains why not to feed a sick child.

Jay Kaspian King says he almost resigned from his employment at ESPN over the "Chink in the armor" headline, and he again explains why the success of Jeremy Lin means so much to Asian Americans like your correspondent.

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