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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's time again for Woody's Mailbag! Let's see what he's got for us on this fine morn:

There are so many people who think they can "fix" Tebow...Bratkowski and Martinez both think Tebow will be a great passing quarterback...Sean Salisbury, the former NFL quarterback who worked for ESPN for years, said (not to me, but to various others) during the Super Bowl week that he could "fix" Tim Tebow in two weeks and turn him into a "60 percent completion" quarterback.

Yes, clearly everyone who says they can fix Tim's problems are saying so out of purely charitable honesty. There's no ego or self-interest involved. Tell me Woody - is someone really going to say No, I can't fix Tim? Of course not - it's not like Tim is an uncoordinated, unathletic spaz. OF COURSE HE CAN BE FIXED. Tim could also become a concert pianist or an NBA point guard if he put in enough time.

BTW Woodrow, why in the wide world of sports would Timmy want to work with Sean Salisbury? Because he was such a great QB himself? Because he's successfully coached so many other QBs?

the day Kyle Orton was traded


So I am amazed when I hear Denver media claim that players and coaches and Elway don't believe Tebow will ever be a player. I've never had one player or coach or executive at Dove Valley tell me that on or off the record, and I actually talk to them.

Yes, Woody. You've got the PULSE of this Denver franchise. You know what the coaches think of every player before they even thunk to think it themselves.

And Tebow, who has a personal trainer in town, should hire a personal quarterback "guru" to work with when he's not at Dove Valley, maybe for two weeks. Why not sit down with Salisbury or Young or even Brady for a few days and ask questions and study tape with them. Jon Gruden really likes Tebow. Maybe Tebow should spend a little time with him.

Oh, that's why! Because Salisbury is a quarterback guru. Of course he is. As are Steve Young and Tom Brady. Amazing coaches.

Part of the problem is that maybe too many people have been trying to help "fix" Tebow.

Yes, so let's solve it right now by having him work with Sean Salisbury. Perhaps you can make this happen, and oversee the sessions yourself. Let's also add in Steve Young and Tom Brady, for good measure.

Tebow will improve if he has a Victor Cruz or a Rod Smith or a Steve Watson, or a Riley Odoms, or a Rob Gronkowski.

Piece of cake. Those guys grow on trees.

Guess what? It will all get figured out, because Tebow will be a great quarterback.


Virgil Green? He was green, and almost no help.

Again with this, huh? Oh, right. Since we know everything you say and write is representative of what the coaches and players think, they surely agree. That's why they started him three times, and he played 87 snaps against KC, Pittsburgh and New England - only 21 fewer than did Willis McGahee. Virgil Green SUCKED.

Elway, Fox and Xanders work together well, so I'm happy with the EFX nickname I gave them last summer.

We are all so very fortunate to be sucking at your teat of creativity, Woody. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

A former prominent offensive lineman for the Broncos, actually two of them, have told me privately how much they loved the zone-blocking schemes under Alex Gibbs because they weren't sitting back, but were able to slam defensive players. They don't like the passing offenses because you're on your heels.

Wow, this is access. Offensive linemen love playing for Alex Gibbs? Clearly, this is only info you can get from an insider like Woody.

Ryan Clady had a shaky season after his Achilles injury, but was mostly back this past season.

Yeah, he was awesome. Those 12 penalties, six sacks, and 34 pressures were top notch.

And I really like Zane Beadles, especially after meeting his mother at the airport before a Broncos trip. Zane's stepfather is the coach of the women's basketball team at Wyoming. That's a class family, and I think Zane will be a solid lineman for years.

Clearly, this is what makes a great lineman - classy parents.

It's too late for the Super Bowl now, but it should be good for Valentine's Day. Guac? She'll love you for it.

Wait, first you're going to give "EFX" away royalty-free, and now your top-secret guacamole recipe? This is too much to handle, Woody. You shouldn't have!

PS. Congratulations on your 400th victory on ATH.


Denver re-signed FB Austin Sylvester yesterday.

PFF apparently didn't talk to Woody when they were assessing Ryan Clady's 2011 struggles.

Stuart Zaas recaps the third quarter of Denver's season.

Virginia's Tebow home-schooling bill passed the house and will now move on to the senate.


Falcons K Matt Bryant testified on behalf of a Georgia bill to help increase concussion awareness in youth football.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes likely isn't going anywhere for awhile; his presence on the roster yesterday morning meant $7.5M of his $11M 2013 salary is guaranteed, and his 2012 salary was already locked in when he signed his contract last year.

Dennis Allen is keeping Al Saunders around as a senior offensive assistant, John DeFilippo will coach QBs, and Keith Burns (not that one - he's still an assistant for the Broncos) will coach Oakland's secondary.

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs first said Gisele should "shut up" but then apologized. Former MLBer Doug Glanville says Gisele was simply sticking up for her husband, and that the fan who heckled her was out of line.

Self-appointed Patriot Way Grand Master Rodney Harrison doesn't think Rob Gronkowski was depressed enough for his liking after losing the SB.

Indy promoted Tom Telesco to VP of football ops.

Carolina re-signed LS J.J. Jenson and extended LB Jason Phillips.

Green Bay promoted Ben McAdoo to be their new QB coach after blocking the Bucs from interviewing him for their OC gig.

Arizona hired ex-Bills QB Frank Reich to coach wideouts and made Mike McNulty their QB coach.


Andrew Brandt details the financial implications of Indy potentially cutting Peyton Manning.

Jack Bechta says the Combine is now more about collecting data on prospects rather than finding out what makes them tick.

AA's Ben Koo on who stands to gain and lose as a result of the expanded Thursday night schedule.

Some great video clips of Brian Billick talking football strategy, as curated by Chris Brown.

Wes Bunting lists some defensive prospects he thinks are underappreciated.

Tommy from Quinzee thinks Boston is again cursed, and he saw Sunday coming from a mile away; KSK presents a new Peter King meme.

When hammer throws don't go well...

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