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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway told Legwold last week that in interviewing John Fox he talked to the coach about the offensive philosophy Elway envisioned for the Broncos going forward. Said Elway, "It really doesn't come down to the system, but rather the attitude on offense. That's what we're talking about, the aggressive type offense, what we want to do on offense to win football games, not to just sit back and try to win them on defense."

Perhaps Elway realized how silly he had sounded when he talked of winning Super Bowls with an "adequate offense," or he's just continuing to mix the message. Now of course, this is all talk, and it will be many months before we see what the Broncos' strategy will be on offense. Surely, he'll say something totally different on Friday and we can parse more of his wording then...


Shannon Sharpe spoke with his old mates Alfred Williams, Stink and the rest of the Drive guys on Monday about being elected to the HOF. Here's a partial transcription of his visit.

Shay Shay also talked to Mike & Scott on Monday. Listen here.

Wow, they're really following through with this are the highlights from the Broncos' run defense in 2010.

Williamson speculates that Denver may have interest in FB Mike Karney, who was cut by the Rams.


In discussing Nick Fairley, Legwold is puzzlingly still writing about the Broncos trading down because of the lack of a CBA. Really, Jeff - there is going to be a rookie wage scale, and everyone knows it...


Williamson is hearing that Casey Wiegmann is considering retirement.

Greg Biekert will coach Oakland's linebackers next season.

A bunch of typical Raiders fans attacked a Steelers fan on Friday.


Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson are expected to have new contracts soon.

Rough year for Dinger. First he's diagnosed with cancer, then he loses out on the Titans' HC job, and now the guy who beat him out for the gig fired him.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals says the NFL is free to suspend the StarCaps players.

The Falcons are expected to cut S Erik Coleman.

Arizona is interested in Steelers DB coach Ray Horton for its DC position.

Thankfully, someone explained to PK why Bill Cowher shouldn't be a "strong candidate" for the HOF.

Ross Tucker on the Packers' depth and a few email replies.

Chris Brown looks back at his finest writing in 2010.

Wes Bunting on which prospects hurt their own stock in the all-star games, plus some analysis on Prince Amukamara.

Farrar evaluates FSU guard Rodney Hudson and Tennessee TE Luke Stocker.

Leftover Supe

Bookies didn't do so hot on Sunday, relatively speaking.

The NFL added an option including travel arrangements for the 400 folks who got screwed at the SB.

Andrew Brandt answers questions about the Pack.

Matt Bowen reminds us that McCarthy deserves a lot of credit. Plus, he analyzes Nick Collins' pick six.

Christina Aguilera apparently thought she was so good she didn't need to rehearse the national anthem in its entirety. Whoops.

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