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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Wow, can you imagine being one of those folks who got kicked out of their seats on Sunday? Sure, the NFL is stepping up a bit and trying to make up for it...but that's only really nice if you're not a Packers or Steelers fan, right? Surely at least some of those people were taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see their favorite team play in the Super Bowl and had laid out a ton of cash to do so. How pissed off would you be?


Legwold on Eddie Royal's surgically-repaired hip.

Tim Tebow says he has a platform. Who knew?!

Denver is a 60-1 longshot to win the next SB according to Vegas. So you're saying there's a chance...

Broncos Ring of Famer Charley Johnson was inducted to the Texas Sports HOF yesterday.

Captain Obvious

Because we weren't already aware, Legwold shows us (by listing every single pick) that the Packers and Steelers have drafted better than the Broncos over the years.

Next up, Legwold points out that the Combine is important for the Broncos.

Psst. The Broncos have a bad defense. Oh, and they have ONLY six draft picks!!!!


Jerry McDonald speculates upon the Raiders' prospects for their next DC.

The Titans have named Mike Munchak their new HC.

Steelers LB coach Keith Butler is expected to be the next Arizona DC.

The Jags cut OT Jordan Black, while the Bears are expected to release RB Chester Taylor.

PFW's AFC and NFC Whispers. They're hearing that Kyle Orton's unlikely to be in Denver next season. Gee, when did Legwold start writing for them?

KSK translates PK's MMQB.

Glenn Beck says some players just weren't proud enough Americans on Sunday. Yeah, let's deport them. Heck, they're probably terrorists!!!! Yay hatred and fear! 

Bunting lists some of the players who bolstered their draft stock in the all-star games.

Plus, he considers the case of FSU QB Christian Ponder.

Leftover Supe

Mike Lombardi and Don Banks each think the Packers have plenty in the tank for another run next year.

Matt Bowen says the SB is evidence that the future is in chucking it downfield and using the spread. No mention of balance...

Judy Battista also noticed it's all about passing now.

Plus, Bowen breaks down the Rodgers-Jennings connections from Sunday.

Bill Rhoden on the SB seating disaster.

Kerry Byrne's SB notes.

The Packers win, in Tecmo form.

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