So much for balance Lard 2-7-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Couple interesting notes from last night's game - there was but one Super Bowl record broken, yet it was quite a meaningful one: the 36 combined rushing attempts by the Packers and Steelers set a new low. But winning in the NFL is all about balance and running the ball well, right? There's no question that the Packers had a great defense in 2010, and they're just one team; but they won the Super Bowl so let's examine a few things:

  • The Packers ranked 20th in the NFL in rushing attempts
  • They ranked 24th in rushing yardage
  • They were tied for 18th in the league in rushing TDs
  • With 3.8 YPA, Green Bay ranked 25th in the NFL

Denver's ranks in those same categories? 27th, 26th, 12th (tied) and 23rd (tied), respectively. So, you that John Fox is in town and Brain Xanders is talking of running the ball a lot more, the Broncos will be back playing for titles, right?

The other point of note? Why didn't Green Bay go for it on fourth down at the end of the game up 3 points? I have no idea, but they should have...


Based upon John Elway's comments on NFLN last week, Krieger speculates about whether the Broncos would trade down from the second-overall pick in the draft for financial reasons.

Go Pack, Go!

Green Bay beat Pittsburgh 31-25 and Aaron Rodgers took home the SB MVP.

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Here's what CHFF learned last night.

Circus leader Overzealous jackass Jerry Jones' antics aimed at amassing the largest SB crowd in history failed miserably.

Was there a prop bet on whether Christina Aguilera would screw up the national anthem? Well, she did...


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In his SB MMQB, PK is mad that Heath Miller shockingly didn't live up to King's statline prediction.

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DeLoureiro points out a couple of interesting facts regarding the winners.


Tom Brady was named the first unanimous NFL MVP.

The Commish spoke a bit yesterday about Saturday's labor talks.

Jon Bon Jovi may become a 15% owner of the Falcons. He obviously hasn't read On Bubbles.

The NJ Jets may use their franchise tag on LB David Harris.

Skins WR Santana Moss will become a free agent this week.

The Cards bizarrely asked for Larry Fitzgerald's advice on who they should pursue to play QB. Fitz apparently suggested Kevin Kolb or Marc Bulger.

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