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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Two more groups of ex-players have filed suit against the NFL regarding its handling of head injuries, including HOFer Leroy Kelly, former Broncos first-round pick Ashley Lelie and perhaps most interestingly, NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. At some point, Baldinger is going to speak up about his experiences, and the NFL and their network are going to have a delicate situation on their hands.

In related news, the Sports Legacy Institute, which is led by Chris Nowinksi and collaborates with Boston University in studying the effects of CTE, is suggesting that the number of blows to the head suffered by youth football players be tracked. Says Nowinski:

We have to find a solution for the children, who are most at risk, and the guidelines will help us get there...We have to recognize the (physiological) differences. They're not little men, they're children.

We'll have to have the guts to put down a number on paper and say, 'This is a rational goal. This is what kids should be under.'

We're not anti-football. But we are pro-child.

Thurday's AP article which focused on players' injuries recalled for Times Op-Ed writer Joe Nocera an article written 36 years ago by Clark Booth - as Nocera tells it, that piece was the first to honestly address the long-term health consequences facing players. Former Cowboys TE Jean Fugett talks of crying when his own son accepted a football scholarship, and he suggests that tackle football not be played before high school.


Mike Klis details the Broncos' hiring of capologist Mike Sullivan, plus a story on the same from the official site; Jeff Legwold examines the team's cap situation heading into the offseason.

The team is tweaking some of its ticket prices for next season, some going higher and some lower.

Dave Krieger checked in with former Denver QB Craig Morton, asking him about the Broncos' first SB run and of course his opinion on Tim Tebow.

Obviously, Tebow will be on the cover of next year's Madden. Is there really any doubt?

Tebow met SI swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton when all three were guests on Dan Patrick's radio show. Would he even know what to do with those two?

Over at Bleacher Report ESPN, Williamson considers whether Ryan Tannehill or Peyton Manning will end up in Denver.

Daily Supe

Bill Barnwell breaks down the matchup and foresees a Patriots victory. Plus, he examines a few of the random bounces which contributed to each team making it this far.

Mike Tanier previews the game and picks the Giants.

At PFF, Sam Monson analyzes the QB matchup, Monson and Ben Stockwell ponder what could prevent each team from winning, and the staff try to dig up some new angles on the game.

Pat Kirwan and Mike Lombardi share their pregame thoughts.

Tecmo Bowl joins Madden in predicting a Giants victory.

Drew Magary's 20 SB party rules; Simmons is obviously picking the Pats in his SB mailbag.


Chris Brown analyzes the Giants' counter scheme.

Greg Gabriel wonders why the stellar job Giants GM Jerry Reese does year in and year out gets such little attention. Of course, if he were old and white, we'd be hearing all about him and how he's a highly respected hard worker who has football running through his veins.

Jeffri Chadiha shares some lesser known info on Eli Manning, including that he is apparently quite the karaoke singer.

Mike Klis ran into Brandon Stokley, who was beaten out for a Giants roster spot by Victor Cruz.


Chris Brown on the impact of the no-huddle on New England's offensive success.

Doug Farrar lauds the ability of Tom Brady to adjust to the multiple offensive schemes as well as he has.

Bill Belichick, hipster fashionista.


Former Miami OC Brian Daboll will run the Chiefs offense; he beat out Jim Zorn and Al Saunders for the job.

Dennis Allen hired former Chiefs ST coordinator Steve Hoffman for the same position in Oakland; Jon Barry will coach linebackers for the Chargers.

Peyton Manning's agent Tom Condon says his client's chances of returning to play are 100 percent; Dan Wetzel says a split between Manning and the Colts is a foregone conclusion; Colts fans are still deluded into thinking Manning will be starting for their team in 2012.

Colts exec Tom Telesco has removed his name from consideration for the Rams GM job. More likely, he was told he's out.

Jacksonville is switching from teal to black jerseys in 2013. Pretty much all sports teams would be better off if they were to undo any logo/color/uniform changes they made during the 90s.

Robert Griffin III says he wants to beat out Andrew Luck again and be the first pick in the draft.

The week's best quotes as collected by Rivers McCown.

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