More Elway Lard 2-4-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! John Elway spoke with Mike Florio on PFT Live and stepped back a bit from his earlier statement that Kyle Orton is the starting QB, instead framing the situation as a competition. Most interestingly, he clearly came down on the players' side of the debate over expanding the regular season, saying "I can't imagine playing 18 games," despite acknowledging that the extra games would be a positive for management and fans.

In another of his media appearances, Elway said he was shocked that Shannon Sharpe was not elected to the HOF in either of the past two years and that Sharpe "has been underestimated in the running game" in terms of his blocking ability.

Good Guys

Krieger thinks perhaps Elway has been honest regarding the QB situation and basically makes one reasonable case (among a bunch of poorly reasoned ones) to keep and start Orton: that he may present a better chance of winning games right now. I don't agree with that, but it's not crazy. However, looking at the two players' upsides and the future of the franchise provides only one option - starting Tebow.

Klis says a prolonged lockout could be Orton's best hope of starting for the Broncos next season. Plus, Brian Xanders is about to make his own media rounds at the Super Bowl. UH-OH.

Legwold thinks the chances of Champ Bailey returning are slim.

Clay Matthews briefly spoke about his pre-draft meeting with the Broncos.

Legwold's latest gem: the Broncos need to find continuity on defense and build through the draft. Wow, interesting. Who knew?!?!

Eric Decker spoke to the mothership about his rookie season and his expectations for his first full offseason as a pro.


The Chiefs have promoted OL coach Bill Muir to be their new offensive coordinator following Charlie Weis' departure.

Mellinger says this move shows just how little interest people have in working for Handshake Haley.

Lamar Hunt conceived the idea for the SB, and now the game is being played in the late Chiefs owner's hometown.

Nick Canepa thinks what coulda been had San Diego drafted Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews.

Jerry McDonald thinks the Human Herpe wlll again use his franchise tag on Richard Seymour.


Although the league is telling teams they can use franchise tags, De Smith says that without a CBA, those tags will mean nothing.

Steve Wyche on the current tenor of the CBA talks.

Jon Gruden's younger brother Jay will run the Bengals' offense next season.

Matt Bowen says the Bears need to lock up Matt Forte beyond next year.

The federal government is trying to put a stop to the live streaming of games online.

Jim McMahon has joined the battle to raise concussion awareness.

Jack Bechta sticks up for his old coach Juan Castillo and tells Eagles fans to calm down.

DeSean Jackson and a couple of teammates paid a visit to a 13-year-old bullying victim on The View. This is pretty cool.

Wes Bunting on which players' draft stock moved leading up to the NFLPA Bowl.

Daily Supe

Alan Schwarz on the stark contrast between how players on the Packers and Steelers view concussions.

Pat Kirwan focuses on ten factors he thinks will determine Sunday's outcome.

Matt Bowen presents his keys and is going with the Steelers.

Mike Silver looks back at Chuck Wood's rough intro to Title Town.

PK is picking the Steelers.

Don Banks on the CBA and some Supe notes.

Brian Burke says Sunday's game is a true tossup.

Barnwell and Schatz preview the game and pick Green Bay.

DeLoureiro shares the rest of his SB tidbits.

A fund manager and a shrink point to some factors that may help predict Sunday's winner.

Meanwhile, Gil Brandt uses some ridiculous stats to predict a Packers win.

Karen Crouse on the ROY snub of Maurkice Pouncey.

Kirwan on which SB players have a shot at the HOF.

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