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Happy Friday Broncos fans! Several notable ex-players who are suing the league for its handling of head injuries during their careers spoke to the AP about their experiences. Among them was former Broncos RB Tony Dorsett, who rightly thinks the league should provide retirement healthcare for players:

"Yeah, I understand you paid me to do this, but still yet, I put my life on the line for you, I put my health on the line," Dorsett says. "And yet when the time comes, you turn your back on me? That's not right. That's not the American way."

"They were hitting me, and I'd be squealing like a pig," Dorsett says, imitating the guttural sound. "It was so bad that the other team was telling our coaches, 'Get him out of the game.' You know that something's wrong then. And like a fool, I stayed as long as I could. They're going to our sideline, telling our coaches, 'Get him out of the game!' ... You know it's bad when the opposition feels sorry for you."

"The owners need to own up to it, own up to what the game does to human lives. There's a zillion football players in the same situation with their brains, their backs, their knees. Come on. They just need to own up to it, and do something about it. They've got money they can put in funds to take care of guys when they need to help," Dorsett says. "We need health insurance for life. Paid by the NFL. No question in my mind, we definitely need that."

"They use you up. No matter what the circumstances are, it's all about winning games, football games, regardless. And they don't care, because they figure, you know, 'We got, you know, replacement factories,' which are colleges. And there's going to be somebody else to eventually come along and fill that void," he says. "So they just put you out there, and feed you to the wolves. And if you make it through, fine. If you don't, that's fine.

Dorsett frames the NFL's reluctance to care for its ex-players as being un-American. But that's too narrow a point, for this is not about American values. It's about humanity.


Brian Dawkins says he'll either play one more year in Denver or retire.

Tim Tebow is still recovering from the injuries he suffered against the Pats.

Von Miller and Tim Tebow each visited with NFLN yesterday in Indy.

Max Henson checked in on Eric Decker, while Gray Caldwell got some comments about new strength coach Luke Richesson from Jack Del Rio.

Jeff Legwold says Nick Foles impressed at the Senior Bowl, while Brandon Weeden's lack of mobility and Russell Wilson's short stature could drop them in the draft.

Jimmy Fallon turned into a stammering idiot in the presence of Tebow the other night.

Daily Supe

Tom Brady says he watched last year's SB via an illegal feed while in Costa Rica.

Les Carpenter on Bill Belichick's mysterious friend/parter in crime Ernie Adams.

Bucky Brooks explains how the two teams fixed their defensive problems down the stretch.

Matt Bowen talks about scheming for the Giants pass rush and scouts their top receivers.

Ben Stockwell revisits the matchup of the Giants D-line and Pats O-line; Sam Monson examines the superior route-running of Victor Cruz.

Mike Tanier presents a diary of his experience in Indy and examines some stats from each team's secondary.

Aaron Schatz provides a statistical preview.

Here's NBC's programming schedule for what will undoubtedly be Sunday's nauseating pregame show.

Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings lists his top SBs in terms of their trivial value.


Roger Goodell says that putting a team in LA would potentially be part of expanding to 34 teams.

Obviously, Jim Irsay couldn't resist tweeting about Peyton Manning's status; former Chargers DC Greg Manusky will fill the same position for the Colts under new coach Chuck Pagano; Jim Tressel has gone from interviewing for the Colts head job to taking a non-athletic administrative job at Akron.

Green Bay promoted QB coach Tom Clements to replace departed OC Joe Philbin.

The NFL approved a $200M loan to help the Niners build a new stadium in Santa Clara.

It sounds like the Chiefs are down to Jim Zorn and Al Saunders for their OC gig.

Kevin Acee and Chargers fans everywhere are wondering what could have been had Eli decided San Diego was for him.

Scott Kacsmar breaks down playoff drive stats by QB (not QB stats, but team stats by QB); Elway's Broncos are in the top 10 of most categories.

Doug Farrar interviewed Cam Newton in Indy.


Stephen A. Smith spoke for America in flipping off Skip Bayless on live television.

Wes Bunting lists his top prospects from the All-Star Classic, including a few he thinks are fits for Denver; Rob Rang updates his big board; Todd McShay has Denver taking Ryan Tannehill in his latest mock, which has Williamson flipping out. Guess McShay gets added to the Tebowmaniac Hit List.

Drew Magary is predicting the Giants by 10 and annihilates both Easterbrook and Simmons in his Jamboroo. Plus, he wonders who under the age of 50 still watches Letterman. Beats me...

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag; Burnsy is elated by rumors of the Sanchize hooking up with Kim Kardashian.

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