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Good Morning, Broncos fans! While making the rounds at the Super Bowl, John Elway did his best yesterday to maintain Kyle Orton's trade value good side by saying that Kyle is still the Broncos' starter and it's "not a foregone conclusion" the QB will be traded. But frankly, what else is he supposed to say about the QB situation? If Elway were to declare that Tim Tebow is the starter or proclaim that he is already a good quarterback, then Orton's trade value would plummet. Not only that, but perhaps Kyle would then come out and publicly demand a trade, making the situation even worse. We'd have even more quarterback drama than is already inherent in the current set of circumstances, and haven't we had enough of that over the past dozen (Bubby/Brian, Griese's dog, Plummer's Element, Jake/Jay, Jay/Josh, Orton/Tebow) years?

Additionally, a declaration from Elway that Tebow will be the 2011 starter would be horribly disrespectful of head coach John Fox. No matter who ultimately makes the decision, or when it becomes public, one would have to think it will be Fox who announces it. Either way, try not to read Elway's comments as a real criticism of Tebow or anything more than posturing to prop up Orton's trade value. Tim Tebow is the future in Denver, and frankly the Broncos organization would be doing themselves a great disservice for that future not to be in place by the next season opener.


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