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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Opening statements were given yesterday as the Perrish Cox rape trial began; Cox's lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, made it a point to stress that the alleged victim was interested in Demaryius Thomas rather than Cox on the night of the alleged assault. Of course, this wouldn't appear to matter much since a DNA test showed that the victim's subsequent pregnancy was fathered by Cox. But, he's the professional defense attorney, so he must have his reasons.

It is expected that Thomas will end up testifying as a witness for the prosecution, and there's a possibility that Cassius Vaughn and Wesley Woodyard will testify as well. Something tells me we're going to learn a few things about these players that will make us like them at least a little bit less. In the immortal words of Bart Scott, CAN'T WAIT!


Add former Brownco Michael Myers to the list of ex-players suing the league for its handling of their head injuries.

Jeff Darlington says John Fox's kindness is so well-known in Indy that he's been dubbed the King of the Combine.

Jeff Legwold says several defensive backs "caught the attention" of the Broncos FO and then lists a few players. Of course, whether the players he lists are actually on Denver's radar isn't clear from the writing.

Captain Deep Analysis says that picking 25th overall like the Broncos are this year is a lot later than picking 2nd as they did last year. Tomorrow he's going to let us know how many wins the Broncos must have in 2012 to top their 2011 total.

Cattle Call

Mike Silver wants the press to have better access to what he appropriately refers to as the Underwear Olympics, and he thinks the Broncos' silly made-for-TV coaching interviews are a fine example of how the NFL can make things less secretive. Of course, this is just another nod to Silver and John Elway being each other's boys, and a reminder that the habitual claims that Silver makes shit up about the Broncos is quite far from reality.

Wes Bunting scouts the DBs' performance from yesterday and is impressed by Janoris Jenkins; Bucky Brooks thinks the standouts were LSU's Morris Claiborne and Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick.

Greg Gabriel says Combine results don't help finalize a team's opinion on a player, rather they prompt them to perform further research. Along that same line of thinking, Matt Bowen lists a few prospects on whom the scouts must do some more homework.

Doug Farrar lists his winners and losers from Indy; Will Brinson does the same; Farrar also shares some snippets of wildly divergent scout opinions.

Jonathan Bales scouts Georgia CB Brandon Boykin; Unsilent Majority gives us the deets on Okla State WR Justin Blackmon.


The 2012 season opener will be on a Wednesday night (Sep 5) rather than a Thursday so as not to conflict with the DNC.

Washington is reportedly willing to trade at least one extra first-rounder and then some to move up from #6 to #2 for the chance to nab RG3; Clark Judge thinks the Redskins will end up paying the highest price. It sounds like the rising cost of the pick has a chance to scare off the Dolphins, who remain the likeliest landing spot for Matt Flynn; Bill Barnwell thinks Flynn's free agency presents an opportunity of similar magnitude to the one the Saints took when they signed Drew Brees. Eric Edholm says the Rams are in a rush to move the pick before the demand for it is softened by the availability of Peyton Manning. 

Meanwhile, former Panther and current QB tutor Chris Weinke, who underwent the same spinal fusion surgery during his career as did Manning, says he expects Peyton to make a full recovery. Peter King says that Manning and Reggie Wayne are a potential package deal, and he calls teaming the pair with Larry Fitzgerald "dreamier" than "dreamy." Really, is there a bigger tool than Peter King on the planet?

San Francisco gave LB Ahmad Brooks $17.5M in guarantees as part of a six-year extension.

Plaxico Burress continues to campaign for a contract with the Eagles.

Oakland is apparently $25M over the cap, but Steve Corkran says that redoing the contracts of Carson Palmer and Richard Seymour would go a long way toward alleviating that problem.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is reportedly one of the bidders to purchase the Dodgers.


Kevin Acee offers an appreciation for longtime Chargers lineman Kris Dielman, who is retiring due to the brutal concussion he suffered last season.

Arthur Arkush doesn't expect a whole lot of patience emanating from new Jags owner Shahid Khan.

Chris Brown is baffled that college teams practice in the spring instead of the summer.

Here in excellent graphical form is the progession of every NFL logo over the past 90+ years. (via SportsGrid)

Christmas Ape has assumed the editor position at KSK and promises to amp up the content; he's apparently taken over the PK bashing from Drew Magary on a permanent basis. Incredibly, the world did not end when gigantic losers Guy Fieri and Joe Theismann got together the other day; their meeting inspired Ape to imagine a Tebow/Tom Cruise duo.

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