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Good Morning, Broncos fans! I'm not sure I've linked to Adam Schein and his waxed-but-still-hideous eyebrows since we started IAOFM, but he wrote something so ridiculous (granted, this is his specialty) yesterday that it's gotta be mentioned. After having spoken to John Elway and Brain Xanders in recent weeks, Schein writes that he "(doesn't) think (Tim) Tebow has much of a future in Denver." Frankly, it's not even worth breaking down Schein's thought process.

Why such negative feelings toward Schein? Well, aside from his horrific writing, he happens to co-host a show called "Loud Mouths" (go figure) on the Mets' TV station. Although I would never choose to watch the show (really, all they do is endeavor to live up to the show's title), the constant commercials when watching the Mets or Big East hoops are unavoidable. And sometimes while watching whatever is next on the programming schedule, I stumble into seeing the last minute or two of Schein yelling at either the camera or his co-host. It's torture, truly.


As Klis details, the Combine has come a long way since John Elway (sort of) skipped it.

Legwold on how the Broncos are once again overhauling their player evaluation system.

According to Legwold, who thinks Denver should consider taking Von Miller, DJ Williams is likely to man the middle next season.

Plus, Legwold likes Hawaii RB Alex Green for the Broncos.

Elway thinks a team must be dominant on either offense or defense to be a champion.

Vic Carucci is trying to figure out the Broncos' message regarding their quarterbacks.

Klis on the state of the CBA talks and how a lockout would affect Denver specifically.

Caldwell and Sonneman wrap up Day 3 of the Combine.

AFC West

Former longtime Chiefs broadcaster Bill Grigsby passed away.

Teicher on Scott Pioli's Combine thoughts and more.

The Crypt Keeper's spending spree doesn't jibe so well the owners' poverty claims.

Jerry McDonald on the lingering effect of JaMarcus the Hutt on the drafting of QBs.


Sounds like the NFLPA will decertify before the CBA deadline.

Owners and league officials met Friday to discuss the current state of the talks.


Bob Sanders passed a physical with the Jags on Monday.

Jeremy Shockey is visiting the Panthers today.

Miami DT Paul Soliai signed his whopping franchise tender.

Former Broncos Josh Barrett and Brett Kern have new deals.

In his Sunday column, Pompei considers how a lockout will affect free agency. Plus, he thinks Kyle Orton should be the man in Denver for the long term. I'd love to hear his reasoning...

One-liners from PFT.

DeLoureiro considers the home/road splits of NFL teams from the past eight years.


The daughter of the Wonderlic Test's creator says the exam falls far short of what should be used to evaluate prospects; she says it only covers one part of players' brains. Plus, some sample questions.

Tanier puts the Combine into perspective.

Kirwan considers the media interviews of several top prospects.

Bowen thinks Cam Newton will be a hit with the NFL.

Jason Cole compares the pressers of Newton and Ryan Mallett.

Don Banks' latest thoughts from the Combine.

Bucky Brooks on the O-linemen and tight ends who raised their stock this week.

Bunting's morning and afternoon notes from yesterday.

Farrar's winners and losers from yesterday. Plus, Trojans TE Jordan Cameron's excellent drill times.

Also, Farrar on the suspended UNC players and Blaine Gabbert's decision not to throw at Combine.

Tanier's Day 3 notes.

Holy smokes. Jake Locker just ran a 4.52 forty.

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