Xanders quote-fest Lard 2-26-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway and Brain Xanders spoke to reporters at the Combine yesterday; Elway describing his first experiences with interviewing players and what he's looking for out of their game tapes. He basically said he wants defenders he would have had to have accounted for while lining up behind center, and also talked of John Fox helping seal the deal with Champ Bailey. Xanders had some real gems:

  • Regarding Champ Bailey: "There was never a question that we wouldn't have him"
  • On Lombardi's claim that there's little support at Dove Valley for Tim Tebow, presumably from Xanders and Mike McCoy: "First of all, I think that report was false...So, that report was false."
  • As for Elvis Dumervil's return: "We're dealing right now on our team with Elvis, he didn't play last year. But we anticipate that we're going to go off that '09 tape, and he had 17 sacks."
  • On his own place within the Broncos' FO: "It's a great opportunity for myself to have an expanded role."


According to Williamson, the Broncos are "definitely planning to pursue" safety OJ Atogwe.

John Elway speaking at the Combine. (Video)

Here's Brain Xanders, if you can bear it (I couldn't).

Kyle Sonneman wraps up Day 2 at the Combine, while Gray Caldwell covers Elway and Xanders' pressers.

Champ Bailey spoke with the guys on The Drive; here's the podcast.

Klis on the relationship between Elway and Xanders, plus Elway's perspective on evaluating prospects.

Elway's Combine experience brings his late father to mind.

Legwold on Elway and Xanders' comments.

Legwold points out that the Panthers were fairly crappy drafters while John Fox was there, although there's a GM to blame for that.

AFC West

Kansas City has a lot of potential free agents to re-sign.

Sounds like Handshake Haley will indeed be calling the plays for the Chiefs next season.

Cue the goal-line/white powder jokes: the Chiefs couldn't get out of Oakland after a November loss due to a bag of supplement that was suspected to be cocaine.

San Diego is expected to re-sign Eric Weddle and unlikely to pursue OJ Atogwe or Bob Sanders.

Oakland is still hoping to poach some coaches from Green Bay.


Chicago gave Lovie Smith a contract extension.

Shanny met with the agent for Donovan McNabb, who wants out of DC.

Jerry Jones has finally accepted some blame for screwing over those SB attendees.

Brett Kiesel hacked off his beard.

Wow. How's this for balance?

KSK has an idea how the NFL will address the suicide of Dave Duerson.


There's a chance the March 4 deadline will be pushed back to a later date.

Senator Jay Rockefeller wants the NFL owners to open their books.

The union has asked Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees to attach their names to a potential class-action suit against the league that would follow decertification.

The NFLPA held its annual meeting with player agents yesterday.

Andrew Brandt on how the labor issues are affecting this year's Combine.

Peter King continues to paint a bleak picture.

Via FO, a Harvard group suggests adding another bye week to boost revenues.


Farrar on the depth of this year's OT prospects.

Bunting's weigh-in and Day 2 notes.

Tanier's Day 2 Combine notes.

Greg Gabriel explains how to scout defensive backs.

Don Banks' thoughts from the Combine.

Scott Wright on the rising stock of Buffs CB Jimmy Smith.

Under Armour is teching up the Combine.

If only everyone drafted as well as Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

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