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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! If ever there were proof that context is everything when it comes to quotes, yesterday was it. When asked (on February 24th) who the Broncos' starting quarterback is, John Fox launched directly into saying that there will be an open competition for the job. I mean, there was no hesitation or fumbling around - Fox said flat out that it's a free-for-all, and then tossed in that at this very moment in time, Kyle Orton's the guy. So what happens next? Why of course, every football site on the interweb says that Fox named Kyle Orton the Broncos' starting quarterback or that Tim Tebow is not the Broncos' starting quarterback. Oh, brother.

First of all, we knew Fox would say this. Elway said it, Fox now said it, and surely Brain Xanders will be next. Of course, once Tebow is named the starter in a few months, Xanders will say that he never believed Orton was the guy, and that Elway just told him what to say. Secondly, Fox later went out of his way to define "now now," sort of like this.


Video of John Fox's presser yesterday from the Combine.

Klis on Fox's comments; the coach said he sees Robert Ayers as a defensive end.

However, Legwold manages to slip his "Ayers is a run-down only player" garbage into a column about Elvis Dumervil and Ayers playing end. Plus, he makes the ridiculous case that John Fox is so attached to drafting the best available player that if the Broncos rate Da'Quan Bowers the best talent, they'll take him to play DE.

Go figure - Legwold's "Denver needs to draft a WR" didn't take long to get blown up.

Williamson says the Broncos may have interest in free-agent safety O.J. Atogwe.

Farrar considers the mountain facing Fox in Denver.

Gray Caldwell wraps up the day at the Combine.

Champ made the day yesterday of perhaps his oldest fan.

AFC West

Williamson again makes his brilliant point that the #2 pick hasn't been traded in 11 years. What that has to do with the Broncos and their choice? No clue. He does point out that Nick Fairley went to the same high school as JaMarcus the Hutt, which I didn't know.

Acee says the Chargers will place restricted tenders on Eric Weddle and Malcom Floyd and possibly others.

San Diego doesn't plan on laying people off, but some employees (even AJ Smith and Norv Turner) will take pay cuts ASAP in the case of a lockout.

Oakland ended up using their franchise tag to hang onto LB Kamerion Wimbley, gave cornerback Stanford Routt a new deal, and re-signed DT John Henderson.

Jerry McDonald says these moves show that the Crypt Keeper is more in control than ever. Plus, some notes on Hue Jackson's comments of the day.

As well as KC's 2010 picks played, Scott Pioli says they have to keep it up to be deemed a successful draft class. Good point - remember how a couple years ago Denver's 2008 group was practically the Broncos' "best draft class" ever? Umm, yeahhhhh...

The Lions say they'll appeal KC's victorious tampering charges.


A judge in Minnesota heard the NFLPA's appeal yesterday of the ruling that allowed the owners to keep their TV booty.

Jim Trotter thinks the outcome of the appeal will be key to the CBA talks.

Judy Battista on mediator George Cohen's statement from yesterday.

Jack Bechta says teams are not talking free agency as much as usual.

Mike Silver reminds us that an extended lockout would be a nightmare for craptastic teams like the Broncos.

In a similar vein, Jason Cole says a lockout would hamper the development of rookie QBs.


Apparently Norv isn't the only coach who will take a pay cut if there's a lockout; some could even get canned.

Contrary to prior reports, Pittsburgh will not use their transition tag on CB Ike Taylor.

Miami has tagged DT Paul Soliai at a likely cost of about $12.5 million. Plus, Jeremy Shockey took and passed a physical for the Dolphins.

C Ryan Kalil signed his tender with the Panthers for a whopping $10 million.

The late Dave Duerson had shared some insight into his personal struggles in a November interview.

Robert Weintraub checks in on the NFC South for FO's offseason series.

Bowen says he would have loved to have played for Sexy Rexy and his silly guarantees.

Chris Chase offers up a photo tour of how NFL players have spent their offseason.


Here's what Kirwan will be looking for at the Combine.

Lombardi writes about the overemphasis on 40 times, especially in Oakland.

Pompei considers the importance of Combine player interviews.

Bunting's notes from yesterday's weigh-in.

Tanier's thoughts from the Combine's opening day.

Walter Football's Day 1 stock report.

Gil Brandt lists his top 100 prospects in tiers.

Don Banks on the lack of a clear-cut #1 pick.

Banks starts this year's round of "1st-round QBs are no guarantee" articles. You know, just like EVERY OTHER POSITION.

Carolina is considering 8-10 different players at #1, according to Ron Rivera. Gee, that helps...

More ridiculous Combine prop bets from Fortenbaugh.

KSK helps us get to know Cam Newton just a bit better.

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