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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! The league's annual cattle call started yesterday, and if it weren't silly enough to have 300-lb men running in their underwear and 24/7 coverage of their centerfold measurements, the NFL is looking to ramp up the circus atmosphere to yet another level. Why? $traight ca$h, homie.

As Judy Battista details, among the ideas being floated is to have prospects compete with each other in running their forties and performing bench presses. Of course, this sounds like a terrific formula for these ultracompetitive individuals to injure themselves while overdoing it in the name of #winning. You know it'll happen, but you also know the NFL won't give a flying @#$% - as long as they can turn it into a primetime event aired exclusively on NFLN over the course of 12 magical nights.

Surely, fans will next be able to tweet questions to players during their pressers and peek in on what are now private interviews between teams and players, all for the low, low price of $30 on No thanks, to any of this.


Here's video of John Fox speaking yesterday at the Combine, plus a summary of his comments from Gray CaldwellLindsay Jones and Doug Farrar.

Fox spoke to Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Sirius and said about Tim Tebow,

He is going to be a great quarterback in this league. How long it takes (and) when? I can't tell you. But he's going to be that guy in a regular NFL offense. I'm not saying we're going to totally abandon some of those things that present problems for the defense. But it’s going to be important (he grows as a quarterback). He’s going to get the opportunity to improve and show he can make those strides.

Andrew Mason and Jeff Legwold on Fox's comments about tweaking the defense.

Legwold thinks a player Denver has ranked very highly would have to start falling for them to pay the price to move up from #25.

Tebow signed with the William Morris talent agency.

Christmas Ape, not buying Mike Silver's defense for the GQ article.


The son of late Bears safety Dave Duerson has sued the NFL and helmet maker Riddell, contending that the league's handling of Duerson's in-game concussions led to his deterioration and suicide. Let's save the "he got paid" and "he knew what he was getting himself into" garbage. This was a 50-year-old man who killed himself with a shotgun blast to the chest, because he knew he had to leave his brain intact so that pathologists could examine it for the CTE he was sure they'd find (and of course, they found it).

Multiple teams are reportedly already talking with the Rams about moving up to #2 for the right to pick RG3.

Sounds like the Browns are in on Matt Flynn, who Greg Cosell thinks will ultimately end up in Miami.

Philly signed former Bills QB Trent Edwards; Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and Jets T D'Brickashaw Ferguson reworked their contracts to provide cap room to their teams.

David Garrard says he's getting healthy, but Cecil Lammey says he likely won't be joining Jack Del Rio in Denver.

Redskins safety LaRon Landry is freakishly big.

Cattle Call

As Mike Silver tells it, NFL evaluators are laughing off any comparisons between RG3 and Cam Newton and chalking them up to stupidity and raycessness.

Mike Tanier shares his impressions from the day.

Wes Bunting's morning and afternoon notes from Indy.

Winners and losers from yesterday according to Will Brinson.

The top 100 Combine prospects according to Gil Brandt.

Bucky Brooks lists players he thinks each team will be eyeing this week, including several backs and receivers for Denver.

Matt Bowen is focusing this week on several players who played in the Senior Bowl.


Albert Breer explains how free agency has changed due to the new CBA.

Part 2 of PFF's offensive line rankings, plus the top free agent cornerbacks and safeties; Ryan Wilson ranks free agent running backs.

Jim Harbaugh acted as the Hoosiers' team manager the other night; head coach Tom Crean is his brother-in-law. Does he sleep in that outfit too?

Donald Trump cannot stand Rick Reilly. Join the club, bro.

Matt Yoder thinks the Poynter Institute finally got it right with their assessment of the "chink in the armor" stuff, in which they pointed out that ESPN had earlier in the week sent out a memo to all employees to not be raycess like Jason Whitlock had been. BTW, that headline writer who got fired? He tweeted an apology that was really just a resume of every nice thing he's ever done for other people, as Captain Caveman and Burnsy stress. The Asian American Journalists Association sent out a guide on what not to say/write when covering Lin. Oh, and Lin is getting chummy with Tebow, who has also befriended Fred Durst.

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