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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Ahh, it's been a while since we got a true gem out of Legwold - but it's Combine time, so he'll be writing up a storm. Today, he covers what he deems the Broncos' biggest roster needs outside the defense's front seven. First, Legwold says John Fox likes more physical TEs and decries the Broncos' lack of a touchdown from that position in 2010. Meanwhile, the Panthers got 2 TDs out of their guys last year, who happen to be a bit smaller than Denver's current group. No mention of the fact that tight ends just don't see the ball as much in Josh McDaniels' offense - that doesn't mean they lack receiving ability. But as for physicality, are Daniel Graham and Richard Quinn really lacking in that department?

Next up, Legwold continues his "DeAngelo Williams is a bigger, tougher back who fits Fox's profile better" narrative. In case you were wondering, Williams weighs five pounds less than does Knowshon Moreno, twelve fewer than Correll Buckhalter and falls thirty pounds shy of LenDale White. But yeah, let's upsize and add durability to our RB corps by signing DeAngelo, who by the way has missed 13 games over the past two seasons (Knowshon missed 3). Finally, Legwold says the Broncos could use some help at safety (well, one out of four ain't bad) and wide receiver. Yeah, wide receiver. Even with Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal rehabbing from their surgeries, we're long Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney, Eric Decker, Matthew Willis, and Eron Riley has a future contract. But sure - as the Broncos supposedly move toward being more of a power running team, they should draft some more wideouts. Makes perfect sense...


While prepping for the Combine, Brain Xanders tells Legwold that under John Fox's guidance, the Broncos will be running an "extremely fast defense...with a lot of speed," which will require smaller players.

Klis spoke with Sean Payton about Dennis Allen's sudden departure from New Orleans. Plus, the RFA status of Wesley Woodyard and Matt Prater. Finally, Klis says the Broncos are working on bringing back Kevin Vickerson and Marcus Thomas.

The Capital Times profiles Broncos coach and Wisco star Eric Studesville. Good stuff.

As Ted did yesterday, Kirwan points out that interest in drafting a quarterback at #2 could help Denver stockpile picks.

Legwold speculates about whether John Elway will get hands on in helping Tim Tebow progress.

Champ Bailey

Here's the audio from Champ's Tuesday conference call.

Chris Hall spoke with Champ Bailey and Brain Xanders about the cornerback's re-signing.

Plus, Xanders talked with Vic & Gary yesterday. Here's the podcast.

Here's the team's official press release addressing Champ's new deal.


Then again, DeAngelo Williams may not be that freely available anyway.

There's a chance the Raiders' retention of Kamerion Wimbley may not be up to snuff.

David Harris signed his franchise tender from the Jets, LaMarr Woodley signed his in Pittsburgh, and the Jags tagged TE Marcedes Lewis.

Florio recaps which players have been franchised this offseason.

DE Paul Spicer has retired.

The NFL will announce a more comprehensive standard for testing players for concussions during games. Plus, the league is pushing states to pass legislation to help prevent concussions in youth football ala the Snakenberg Act in Colorado.

Andrew Brandt offers his take on what's happening with the CBA talks.

Judy Battista on how the labor questions have thrown players out of whack.

Burke is working in optimizing his way of expressing data.

NFL owners everywhere are apparently facing protests and tumult.


Bunting thinks these players have a lot to lose this week in terms of draft stock.

Greg Gabriel explains what the players typically go through during Combine week.

Ross Tucker thinks the Combine is losing is relevance in some ways.

Bowen on what the Combine could mean for Von Miller.

Here are Farrar's pre-Combine sleepers.

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